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Founded in 2005, Ephemera is an literature/art zine done entirely on a vintage typewriter. It is open to submissions of anything written or visual — the only requirement is that it can be cut, pasted, and copied and, for themed issues, that it fits somehow within the given issue's theme. Content includes but is certainly not limited to: poetry, short stories, excerpts from longer works, non-fiction, written fragments, photography, paintings, drawings, digital art, et cetera.

Zine fliers and other advertisements for your art projects are always accepted. And if you are willing to distribute fliers for me you get so much love!

You can buy Ephemera from the Touch The Puppet Head Etsy store. Want your own artwork, essays, and sundry featured in the zine? Go ahead and shoot Quinn an email at

If you're the old-fashioned type, you can also send stuff or order via the zine's mailing address:

c/o Quinn Collard
P.O. Box 23237
Seattle, WA 98102

Submissions welcome

Please include with any submissions the name you want to be credited under and an address to send your complimentary copy of the issue to. Including a brief biography and/or contact info is optional. Due to space constraints, there is a 600-word limit on written submissions.

Info elsewhere

Ephemera can also be found on Facebook and the ZineWiki.

Back catalogue

Buttons are $1 each or free if you buy two or more zines!

There are six issues of Ephemera currently available. Zines can be purchased or traded. Contents follow:

issue contents pages price*
#6 The Music Issue! U2 essay, poetry, photography, lots of accordion love, and more--and comes with a mix CD! 20 $4
#5 The Perpendicular Issue! Holga photos, sweet demon clowns, kitty-composed poetry, and more 24 $2
#4 The Animal Issue! Pet biographies, skunk love story, zoo photos, and more 52 $3
#3 The Mental Illness issue! Crazy spam, self-injury article, confessional poetry, and more 32 $2
#2 The Love Issue! Mix tape tracklist, lists of hot people, famous couple photos, and more 22 $2
#1 The Debutante Issue! A hodgepodge of topics 24 $2
*add 85¢ to ship anywhere in the US ($2.50 to Canada, $3.30 anywhere else)
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