Ephemera is a literature and art compilation zine produced entirely on a vintage typewriter. Issues often have themes.

Interested in trading a zine of your own? I love trades! Email me and we'll discuss it.

Interested in submitting literature or art? Please note that all art must be reproducible in black and white, and there's a 600-word limit on any writing due to space constraints. All contributors get a free copy!

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Issues available now!

#1: The Debuntante Issue.

This was the very first zine I ever made! This issue is a hodgepodge of random topics, with some stuff I was just throwing in because I was experimenting, like a recipe.

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#2: The Love Issue.

Writing and art all about love, love, love.

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#3: The Mental Illness Issue.

This zine was the final project for my Abnormal Psychology class at Smith. Crazy spam, self-injury article I wrote for the Smith newspaper, confessional poetry, and more.

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#4: The Animal Issue.

Skunk love story, zoo photos, and more.

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#5: The Perpendicular Issue.

Holga photos, sweet demon clowns, kitty-composed poetry, and more.

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#6: The Music Issue.

U2 essay that was originally my (award-winning!) speech for Academic Decathlon in high school and later became my college admissions essay, turntable photos, lots of accordion love, and more--and comes with an adorable tiny mix CD!

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#7: The Piquant Issue.

Fisheye photos, surreal collages, a short story about the Brontës, and more.

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#8: The Summer Issue.

An issue celebrating all aspects of summer, everything from ice cream to fireworks to trips to the beach.

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#9: The Autumn Issue.

Jam-packed with stories of picking apples and ghostly lost loves, Halloween art, and more!

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#10: The Winter Issue.

Triumphant returning sun poems, fancy paper snowflakes, and other winter wonderland fun.

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#11: The Spring Issue.

This issue features writing and art about flowers, birds, and other springtime things.

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#12: Beginnings & Endings.

This issue is all about beginnings and endings, interpreted in ways ranging from the natural world to relationships.

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