Things I Do Elsewhere

My TMBG Tumblr: John gushing, rare mp3's, lots of pictures, and other goodies
My Etsy shop: Selling issues of my TMBG zine and also TMBG buttons
My YouTube channel: With lots of old TV appearances and other fun stuff
Little TMBG Things: A Tumblr where TMBG fans post little things that make them happy
John Linnell in Glasses Facebook page
Dial-A-Song Facebook page
Direct from Brooklyn Facebook page
Gigantic Facebook page
The Mundanes Facebook page
Sapphire Bullets Facebook page
They Day Facebook page

Fan Communities

TMBW IRC channel
Miscellaneous T Facebook group
#gigantic on deviantART: Fan art group
TMBG group on Flickr

Fan Sites

This Might Be a Wiki: Your source for EVERYTHING (that you can't find here, of course)
Ant's map of frequency of shows by country
Graph of word frequencies in songs
They Might Be Giants Historical Society: Scans of articles
Flansgirl: Tumblr of JF appreciation
No I'm Not Obsessed at All: Tumblr of pictures
Bryce's TMBG page: downloads and other stuff, including a Sapphire Bullets section
They Might Be Giants Wompedy Home: TMBG fonts, game, and backgrounds
They Might Be Giants (Unofficially): FAQ, games, song interpretations


Technical rider
Words made from (718) 387-6962
Words made from (844) 387-6962
New York State Pavillion site
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School merch