Plaid Skirts & Converse is a perzine by Quinn. The issues, sometimes themed, encompass a wide range of things, including photos, creative writing, journal entries, lists, et cetera.

I love trades! Email me if you do your own zine and would be interested in setting one up.

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Issues available now!

#1: The NaNoWriMo (2008) Issue.

This zine is about my second time participating in NaNoWriMo. It includes novel excerpts, day-by-day diary, NaNo-y photos, and more.

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#2: The List Issue.

Lists of everything from my favorite smells to the best and worst names.

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#3: The Mental Hospital (#8) Issue.

Journal entries and lists from my most recent time in a psych ward.

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#4: The Almanac (#1) Issue.

A list of 200 facts about me, covering all sorts of topics in my life.

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#5: The Almanac (#2) Issue.

200 more random facts about me.

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#6: The Smokey Issue.

All about my kitty, Smokey! Photos and stories about her, plus some of her famous poetry.

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#7: The Dream Issue.

The first half is about my thoughts and experiences with dreams in general, and the second half is some particularly interesting entries from my dream diary.

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#8: The Happiness Issue.

An annotated list of things that make me happy.

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