John Flansburgh IRC Chat

July 12, 1996

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[Istanbul] I e-mail and call, but get no responce...
[eliza] hello Istanbul!!
[Ruprecht] hi Jonh!
[kismet] Hi MONOflans!
[MONOflans] Hey Everyone. Flansy here
[Ruprecht] d'oh!
[RobNg] JOHN
[Istanbul] The check has been cashed, though...
[etherboy] hey
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[Ruprecht] John
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[elchavo] hi
[ninja-bob] hey
[SONICMOD] Hey everyone... MONOFlans = JOHN FLANSBURGH... he's here!!
[Matt] howdy, Flannelman
[kismet] Flansy?
[MONOflans] What's up?
[banshee] welcome
[Istanbul] I'll have to sue or something soon...
[eliza] Hey john!! ] Hi, John!
[MONOflans] I need questions
[kismet] Hey, fella.
[banshee] :)
[ninja-bob] howdy
[Bonney] you single?
[MONOflans] Yo
[banshee] how are you?
[Bonney] hee
[MrKlaw] mike sez: Are you bringing MonoPuff to Toronto John??
[Ruprecht] why do you tour with an extra guitarist with both bands now?
[Matt] when's the next set of Monopuff tour dates?
[Istanbul] John: Can we ask TMBG questions?
[ninja-bob] how 'bout ohio? noone ever comes to ohio
[MONOflans] Not to soon to Toronto, but TMBG should be there in the spring * gmoney thinks pauline is so cool and laughs
[Ruprecht] spring...
[RobNg] Hey isn't there an order?
[MrKlaw] mike sez: Thanks John
[kismet] What's the significance of the crown-shaped ring you wear on your
+right ring finger?
[banshee] i would like to see a cleveland ohio date
[elchavo] john how about MIAMI
[destin] Does Norwood Cheek exist, or did you direct the vid and use it as a
+clever pseudonym?
*** Signoff: MrDent ((signed off))
[kismet] It's mayhem!
[eliza] Whats it like to be travelling so much?
[T-Set] What about the Midwest?
[ninja-bob] how 'bout columbus ohio? noone ever comes to columbus ohio
[etherboy] Flans, I'm about to die in huricane Bertha and I need to know If
+you wrote spiralling shape for Brain Candy or if it just fit in?
[RobNg] SONICMOD: Kick some as! show some athority!
[Matt] everyonme take a collective breath
[gmoney] does anyone have anything to say ] Yeah.. Kansas City or St. Louis??
[Molly] Order! Order!
[MrKlaw] Mike sez: John who sings the vocals on Totally Rocking?
[kismet] Where are you, dear John?
[SONICMOD] Hey All!... It's going to get really crazy... all of you have
+questions... so if you could let me PRIVATE message you... I'm going to pass
+the MIKE around so that you'll all have a TURN OKAY!
[Istanbul] Why haven't I gotten my Hello?
[kismet] John does, silly.
[MONOflans] Why two guitars? We'll it's louder and kinda more fun, and it
+allows us tohave a fancy guitarist as well as me.
[etherboy] sure sonicmod
[RobNg] Thank you
[Seta] ok
[Istanbul] Ya'll cashed the check, but I haven't gotten a thing...
[Ruprecht] so you play rhythm?
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[Ruprecht] and the other plays lead?
[MrDent] ARGH MY computer booted me off!!!
[RobNg] Shut up and wait
[Istanbul] Can I sue?
[RobNg] rawr!
[MrDent] is he here?
[ninja-bob] only one person? when did this happen? :)
[MONOflans] Mr. Klaw: I sing the vocals on Devil, although Mike Viola joins me
+on the choruses and does a very good Axl at the end
[gmoney] mrdent you using mirc32 4.5?
[MrDent] Aparrently
[MrKlaw] John that is amazing, your vocal abilities are astounding.
[gmoney] no not yet
*** Signoff: ninja-bob ((signed off))
[Istanbul] John: I love the go-tee
[gmoney] mrdent- don't it sucks
[Matt] are you planning on getting a keyboardist to do Tryptophane?
[Matt] live?
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[MONOflans] I hope you had a chance to see the vid on 120 minutes
[Seta] John: The Devil video ruled!!
[Ruprecht] it was wonderful
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[MrKlaw] Mike sez: No MTV in Canada John.
[MONOflans] Matt: Don't think we'll do that song
[RobNg] This is creepy. The CD is playing and yet he's speaking * Whizard sighs.. He missed the vid.. :-
[etherboy] I missed it :(
[MrKlaw] I did see the .AVI clip though
[RobNg] Who played the devil
[Ruprecht] I've never even gotten to see a tmbg video
[etherboy] so did I :)
[MONOflans] Call MTV and tell 'em to play it more.
[SONICMOD] Banshee... please send your question to everyone...
[kismet] You are entirely too sweet-faced to sport Satanic facial hair.
[banshee] hi
[marlowe] hey, any truth to the rumor that you had Larry Davidson as a math
+teacher at LS, John?
[destin] The video was really good... looks like some $$ were spent. :)
[MrKlaw] mike sez: John I have the TMBG video compilation on laserdisc.
[Ruprecht] 1-800 Dial-Mtv
[RobNg] Was it supposed to be one of the ali fro mto serve mankind?
[SONICMOD] Banshee asks...just curious where monopugg the name orignated
+from..and if cleveland will be a date!
*** Signoff: Bonney ((signed off))
[kismet] unfair... Satanism has no flaws you don't posess, and a
+goatee does not signify such either.
[MONOflans] kismet: That facial hair was very uncomfortable, although the
+effect was pretty startling. They didn't recognize me in the
[kismet] Thanks, doll.
[MONOflans] video online session as the guy on the screen.
[etherboy] Good question, who played the devil?
[Istanbul] Flanz: Like, when will I get my Hello?
[Molly] OK, strange question: if you could meet anyone in the world, who
+would it be and what would you say?
[kismet] Did you have to use spirit gum to remove the adhesive?
[Ruprecht] call 1-800-DIAL-MTV weekdays at 5:30 EST
[Solipsist] Sorry to interrupt, but out of curiousity, will Mono Puff be
+coming down to Florida by any chance? Video was great by the way.
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[MONOflans] Banshee: The name comes from an experience I had at the John
+Coltrane Church in SF. There was a little girl
[eliza] Where is your favorite city to perform in? * gmoney slaps MrDent around a bit with a large trout
[destin] I don't think mtv will play a vid that says "Go, go, Satan go!" no
+matter how good it is.
[MONOflans] there with a single puff of hair in a perfect cicle on top of her
+head,and I thought it would be called a Mono Puff
[ninja-bob] didn't they already play it?
[eliza] What does the tour schedule look like? * MrDent gets bad Monty Python flashbacks
[destin] okay, they won't play it more than once. :)
[Matt] at least ask Monopuff questions sheez * gmoney tells MONOflans that molly is very attractive
[etherboy] Flans: when is the next newsletter coming out?
[MONOflans] Solipsist: TMBG within 6 mo.s Mono Puff some time next year.
[banshee] are you going to be playing cleveland?? or ohio?
[ninja-bob] okay, where can we get tour dates? the dates on are
[Solipsist] monoflans: Thank you; I can't wait.
[MONOflans] etherboy: Newsletter should be out in a month.
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[destin] I'll second the Florida question... both TMBG shows I went to were
+cancelled. :(
[MrKlaw] Mike sez: JOHN I have not gotten a newsletter in 2 years!!!!
[gmoney] hey lenny from dennys
[MONOflans] Mono Puff may play in the midwest
[lenny] wow!! what's happening?
[RobNg] Do you remeber every show you do? And will Tmbg or Monopuff ever come
+back to hanover NH?
[lenny] a lot od crowd!!
[kismet] When will we see the superdeluxe version of the Official TMBG
[Solipsist] Monoflans: You were great when I saw you last with TMBG at the
+Moon in Tallahassee.
[lenny] a lot of crowd!!
[MONOflans] MrKlaw: Call your name in to the info club, we send em out about
+twice a year, a the new ones look great.
[Ruprecht] under that rock...
[lenny] hi gmoney!
[Bonney] single?pleeaase answer.
[MrKlaw] What is the number, John?
[etherboy] Flans: we loved u in Charleston, SC please come again, forgive the
+moshers :)
[Istanbul] MOshers suck
[MrDent] Hate to do it, but I gotta baillllll John one quick question, what do
+your parents think?
[isaac] Nearly half the songs on Unsupervised are covers. When you're in
+MONO-MODE do you prefer performance to songwriting?
[lenny] could you please tell what's happening?
[MONOflans] kismet: The site is having the finishing touches put on it right
+now, and that along with the new Dial-A-Song should be up
[MONOflans] in about a month.
[kismet] Thanks for answering.
[gmoney] Monoflans: do you think that you'll be in houston anytime soon?
[lenny] molly? unstuck?
[eliza] Do you ever get the oppurtunity to go out while on tour? If so where/
[Seta] Will u be in Upstate NY soon?
[MONOflans] isaac: I didn't want to use up all my songs, because there is a
+new TMBG record coming out, and in general we don't do
[etherboy] Flans: Wot is your fiance's name?
[Ruprecht] John: has Superfreaksickle been killed? or will it still come out
+some time? and will it be a double album?
[kismet] How would I go about securing an appointment with you (and possibly
+Linnell) to do an interview?
[unstuck] MONOflans - you didn't get marlowe's question about your math
+teacher at LSHS...
[lenny] thank you..
[eliza] Yeah it's hard to good bands to come upstate!!
[MONOflans] a lot of covers in TMBG. Most of the covers on Mono Puff are
+generally unknown, so I thought that would be interesting
[MrKlaw] John, I know you've sent some email to, but just to
+let you know that there is another TMBG mailing list at
[RobNg] Please answer! Will you ever come back to Hanover NH? (there were no
[lenny] well.. see you soon..
*** Signoff: lenny ((signed off))
[PopinFrsh] Will you be doing anything in the west?
[MrKlaw] Please send some messages there too, if you can.
[gmoney] well this is not very fun, sorry
[MONOflans] The person running this wants the chat group to slow down
[gmoney] too many !!!
[MrKlaw] ok
[etherboy] Yes, MrKlaw speaks the truth, we feel left out on the mailing list
[MONOflans] etherboy: Just put your name on the list again.
+please wait until I PRIVATE message you to ASK YOUR QUESTIONS PLEASE...
[gmoney] so molly are you getting tired of me?
[Ruprecht] alright, I;m quiet
[ninja-bob] what are we supposed to do about dial-a-song from the midwest? How
+about an 800 number?
[Istanbul] Why not msg each other instead of clogging the channel?
[gmoney] flans: are you going to be in houston anytime soon? ] ninja: Call from work... :-]
[MrKlaw] mike sez: I hope the next TMBG video comp also comes out on
[eliza] What groups do you like musiaclly? Have you been influenced at all by
[MONOflans] gmoney: Probably on the big tMBG world tour that starts in Sept.
[Ruprecht] my mtv is fuzzy..
[gmoney] cool i can't wait man
*** Signoff: MrDent ((signed off))
*** Signoff: Istanbul ((signed off))
[Matt] in Don't I have the Right? where did you come up with the line about
+the exploding coffee?
[Molly] Will that even include (can I imagine) Oregon??
[MONOflans] TMBG in Boston Sept. 6, and in St, Louis Sept. 8
[gmoney] Front Row for me flans...hook me up?
[eliza] How long will the tour last? when will you be in NYC?
[RobNg] Pleeease answer! Will you ever come back to the small town of Hanover
+NH? (there were no moshers!)
[banshee] haha gmoney
[MrKlaw] mike sez: We are waiting for you in T.O. John...
[Ruprecht] come on, Michigan
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[destin] They ALWAYS play NYC. Don't worry...
[MONOflans] Matt: That came from watching some French film where they actually
+have this extreme close up of milk going into a cup ] Woohoo! St. Louis! :-]
[eliza] good!
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[MONOflans] of coffee, and of course from my personal experience
[gmoney] flans: you want to come to my house and play for my birthday?
[Istanbul] I got booted for doing a WHOIS
[banshee] all tmbg shows i have been to have been excellandt MONOflans! :)
[Matt] ah yes I still have my TMBG coffee from Johns Hopkins
[MONOflans] TMBG are in DC in the middle of August, and probably at the
+Mercury in NYC and the Jersey shore right around then to
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[ninja-bob] is there a title for the new tmbg album yet?
[Istanbul] Matt: Are you the lister from MD with the Woolworth's sig?
[MONOflans] ninja-bob: Now it's called "Factory Showroom".
[MrKlaw] gotta love matt
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[destin] MONOflans: Florida's really nice in the fall... please come (and
+don't get sick)... :)
[Seta] hi mentos
[Istanbul] Matt: Kool. I used to live in MD.
[PopinFrsh] Will spiralling shape be on the new tmbg album?
[Ruprecht] I'm "a spooky man named Ike"
[crass] what's up
[Matt] Do you ever considering bringing Joshua Fried along for such songs as
+Hello Hello that he remixes
[RobNg] I'm the guy with no sig
[MrKlaw] Mike sez: Klaw and I think the new album should be called "Empty
+Parking Garage."
[MONOflans] PopinFrsh: Yes
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[gmoney] MONOfalns: you want to come to my house and play for my birthday?
[MONOflans] gmoney: yes
[Molly] MONOflans: any plans to come to Oregon?
[etherboy] Flans: Wot is your fiance's name?
[RobNg] For the 4th time...... Will you ever come anywhere in NH again (last
+time, no moshers!)
[gmoney] hehehehe--Molly
[banshee] concert at gmoney's!
[Istanbul] When do I get my turn???!!!
[kismet] Mine, too? (But my pad is smaller'n a bread box.)
[MONOflans] Also, people, I will answer questions posted on the Mono Puff
+message board on the SpinOnLine thing
[Seta] Flans can u stop by my house for my birthday, since u'll be by that
[Ruprecht] I will have to post some...
[etherboy] Yeah, party with seta :)
[isaac] Will you ever play tallahassee again?
[gmoney] ya, everyone will have to stay home!! heheh :6) *SONICMOD* Whizard YOUR TURN.....
[Matt] Are there going to be any other singles off the Monopuff album?
[MrKlaw] Are there any new albums in the works for Mono Puff?
[gmoney] Molly- you'll have to come to my house!! :)
[Molly] Guess so, G!
[SONICMOD] Matt & Mr. Klaw... please wait your turns....
[MONOflans] Isaac: Yes, the Florida cancelled shows were do to some big
+problem I don't remember. We rarely cancel shows.
[ninja-bob] just a thought: RealAudio Dial-A-Song
[MrKlaw] ok ] Flans: Still planning on playing pointfest in st. louis in Aug? And is Mono
+Puff an attempt to go more mainstream than TMBG?
[kismet] Actually, on my birthday (3/14, Mercury Lounge), you told me to move
+my birthday out of the way so that other birthdays could get through. Then
+you fellows broke into "Older," or whatever it's called.
[gmoney] sounds good to me..just forget trip to London and fly to my
[gmoney] :)
[Matt] pl
[Matt] ok
[destin] MONOflans: Is Norwood Cheek a real person, or a pseudonym?
[MONOflans] We should probably cancel more considering how messed up they can
+be when we're sick with the flu or something.
[eliza] Do you see yourself like so many other bands changing your sound down
+the road to sell more music?
[Ruprecht] How do you choose which songs you will do with Mono Puff and which
+ones with TMBG?
[SONICMOD] Whizard: Flans: Still planning on playing pointfest in st. louis in
+Aug? And is
[SONICMOD] Mono Puff an attempt to go more mainstream than TMBG?
[SONICMOD] kismet: Actually, on my birthday (3/14, Mercury Lounge), you told
+me to move my
[SONICMOD] birthday out of the way so that other birthdays could get through.
+Then you fel
[SONICMOD] lows broke into "Older," or whatever it's called.
[SONICMOD] gmoney: sounds good to me..just forget trip to London and fly to my
[SONICMOD] eheheeh
[SONICMOD] Whizard: Flans: Still planning on playing pointfest in st. louis in
+Aug? And is
[SONICMOD] Mono Puff an attempt to go more mainstream than TMBG?
[SONICMOD] kismet: Actually, on my birthday (3/14, Mercury Lounge), you told
+me to move my
[SONICMOD] birthday out of the way so that other birthdays could get through.
+Then you fel
[destin] We don't care if you mess up.
*** Signoff: SONICMOD ((signed off))
[Mentos] Monoflans: Um, in reference to TMBG, will a new B-Sides compilation
+be coming out anytime soon?
+Then you fel
[destin] We don't care if you mess up.
*** Signoff: SONICMOD ((signed off))
[Mentos] Monoflans: Um, in reference to TMBG, will a new B-Sides compilation
+be coming out anytime soon?
[Istanbul] Go Sonicmod!
[MONOflans] Whizard: Pointfest is now Sept 8
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*** BuGs (te...@ has joined channel #lounge
[etherboy] Flans: Wot is your fiance's name? The E-mailing list is dying to
+know :)
[gmoney] molly- you'll have to forget about trip to london and come down here
+instead heheehehehehe
[MONOflans] Superfueled Freakcicle will be out next year although I don't know
+if that's what it will be called
[RobNg] You won't answer my question.............. *sniff* ] MONOFlans: Cool... :-]
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[MrKlaw] rob chin up pal
[MONOflans] but it will have a lot of the better ep songs, a lot of new
+tracks, and some live tracks
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[MrKlaw] coo!l
[Matt] does Hal Cragin play trombone or will Dan Levine continue to play that?
[banshee] well i need to split now.....thanks MONOflans for chatting....thanks
+for answering my question...take care now!
[Mentos] Will Superfueled Freakcicle or whatever contain every track off of
+every single since Flood?
[MONOflans] RobNg: question?
[eliza] Bye Banshee!
[Ruprecht] MonoFlans: how do you choose what songs you will do with tmbg and
+what you will do wwith Mono Puff?
[etherboy] YAY! Freaksicle is coming out! :)
[MrKlaw] rob ask it dammit!!
[banshee] bye all! have a good evening!! :)
[RobNg] Thank you. Will either monopuff or TMBG ever come back to NH? it's
+been 4 years!
[eliza] Does your line-up of songs change daily while your on tour?
[destin] MONOflans: Will Live in NY tracks be on Superfueled, or will that
+ever be released officially?
[MONOflans] Matt: Dan was great on the tour and, like the horn players we
+toured with in TMBG, really brought a cool extra dimension to the show with
+his horn playing
[ninja-bob] who on the tmbg list thought tmbg should play Obladi-Oblada by the
[MONOflans] Matt: If we could afford to keep him and Hal on board we will
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*** Signoff: crass ((signed off))
[Seta] Flans: will you be in upstate NY with Mono Puff or TMBG, and can u go
+see my homepage? =)
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[kismet] I'll gladly make a modest donation, if need be. C'mon, gang! Let's
+put on a show!
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[MrKlaw] mike sez: Canadians are nice, John. We miss you.
[Ruprecht] I made a big page for tmbg...
[MrKlaw] Rup's page is amazing
[etherboy] It is a nice one
[MONOflans] RobNg: It's hard to get to NH because the cities aren't really
+close together. We have similar problems in the far West.
[Ruprecht] and I have a paper scissors rock game online...
[kismet] Where might one find this page?
[eliza] Have you always had a musical interest? What did it start with?
[Ruprecht] it would look nice if you have to use aol...
[kismet] Thanks, Ruprecht.
[Ruprecht] no problem...
[Istanbul] When do I get my turn?
[destin] How about a Monopuff/TMBG megatour?
[Ruprecht] yeah!
[MONOflans] eliza: I've always been into music, and oddly, really into tape
[Matt] are there any more plans for Dr. Kildaire/ska style songs? it seems
+Unsupervised was an eclectic mixture of different styles
[MrKlaw] John, will the next tmbg video comp be on laserdisc? I have the first
+one on LD. Also, will Mono Puff continue into the future or will it end as
+soon as the tmbg tour gears up?
[eliza] I guess we have to all be patient it's really hard to answer all these
+questtions at once!!
[Ruprecht] do you think?
[Seta] John, does Mono Puff have a Fan Club yet?
[MONOflans] I think it was really tape recording that got me into music as a
+child. I bought a 3" reel to reel with birthday money when I was 10.
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[eliza] What do you see for MONOPUFF john?
[Istanbul]: What is the name of the next TMBG album? And will y'all
+ever come to Texas?
[ninja-bob] i have one of those in my basement
[T-Set] What was on it?
[T-Set] What was on it?
[Ruprecht] If I make a Mono Puff Home Page will you look at it John?
[kismet] You must have been a beautiful baby!
[MONOflans] Seta: Right now it is pretty much working out of the TMBG set up,
+but we hope to begin building our corperate headquarters within the decade
[Seta] cool :)
[eliza] I meant in the Future For MONOPUFF!!
[Matt] MonoFlans: Do you see Monopuff as an eclectic mixture of styles of
[MrKlaw] mike sez: John why is Linnell so shy?
[kismet] Wow, what a businessman!
[MONOflans] Ruprecht: We don't have a home page yet, but if anyone wants to
+help put one together they should contact me through the SpinOnLine message
[etherboy] Yeah I wish linnell would talk too B-)
[Ruprecht] Okay!
[etherboy] Yeah let Rup do it
[Ruprecht] I'm gonna start Making it today!
[MrKlaw] rup now has a reason to live
[MONOflans] Ruprect: TMBGs thing cost a bunch of dough to put up, and Mono
+Puff isn't that profitable yet
[Ruprecht] sound clips and stuff
[Mentos] Monoflans: Do you know, will John Linnell release his State Songs or
+House of Mayors to the general public. I'm sorry that this question is not
+about you.
[Ruprecht] I don't expect Money
[MONOflans] Mentos: Nice name * Whizard would love to work on a MonoPuff page too...
[Mentos] Thank you.
[eliza] The Fresh Maker!!
[MrKlaw] Never had a Mentos.
[isaac] Mentos: Der Frischmacher!
[Matt] they're damn good
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[Ruprecht] I will be making the Mono Puff Site free of charge
[Istanbul] Flans won't answer my question... );
*** gmoney has left channel #Lounge
[MONOflans] Mentos: Linnell will be working on the House of Mayors project
+this summer for Hello. It should be out in the fall. We just got finished
+with the new TMBG album
[ninja-bob] i killed someone once, but i had mentos so it was okay :)
[kismet] They have animal byproducts in them, though.
[MONOflans] Istanbul: Question?
[Mentos] Wonderful!
[MrKlaw] Mmm...animal byproducts...
[eliza] Well maybe you should try one the people on those commercials seem
+pretty happy!!
[MONOflans] Istanbul: Texas- soon.
[etherboy] Flans: I saw a band on Conan O'Brien called The Mavericks that I
+think u would like B-)
[MONOflans] I love Austin
[Istanbul] COOL!
[Matt] Buddy Holly i from LUbbock
[MONOflans] The guy in the Mavericks can remind me of Roy Orbison, who I
+totally dig
[kismet] Wow, thanks! I'll keep that in mind for my next Foo Fighters show...
[etherboy] cool
[eliza] Please lets not talk about animals here like this ..... I'm Vegan!!!
[Ruprecht] Do you think TMBG will be on Conan soon?
[Seta] John will u be in Ithaca ever again ?
[Matt] MonoFlans: Is Monopuff viewed as an eclectic type of band with many
+varhging styles?
[MONOflans] Ruprect: If they invite us
[kismet] Alright, eliza!
[MrKlaw] Roy Orbison is supercool!
[Ruprecht] does conan have an e-mail address?
[eliza] Thanks!!!
[Ruprecht] anybody?
[kismet] Go to the NBC homepage.
*** Nemo (Ne...@ has joined channel #lounge
[Istanbul] Rup: Check the NBC site
[RobNg] let's petiton Conan
[Ruprecht] of course...
[Nemo] what's up freaks?
[RobNg] I'm goin now!
[ninja-bob] does nbc website have the email addresses?
[eliza] Do you guys have a website to be reached at?
[MrKlaw] mike sez: 25 O'Clock was the best song on the XTC tribute album
[Seta] bye rob
[Seta] :)
[Ruprecht] yeah
[MrKlaw] bye rob
[Ruprecht] bye Rob
[RobNg] I'm not leavin
[Ruprecht] hahah
[MrKlaw] hmm...ok
[Seta] oh okie
[kismet] Probably, but I am not 100% positive.
[Istanbul] Flans: When will I get my Hello?
[MONOflans] Matt: Yes, although my original intention was to get back to more
+electronic stuff with it, and then it turned into this twin-guitar thing with
+Mike Viola of the Candy Butchers (new album out this fall from Mike's
[RobNg] I'm gonna do both!
*** Signoff: etherboy ((signed off))
[kismet] Where was Mike at the Mercury Lounge shows?
*** NONE (NO...@ has joined channel #lounge
[Seta] hi none
[Matt] I saw the Candy Butchers album for $7.99 but didn't have the bucks,
+wish I did!
[Nemo] where
[Nemo] where's monopuff?????
[Matt] Ruprecht you poor soul
[Matt] ;)
[kismet] The Candy Butchers cuss (as we say Out West) too much onstage. sniff
[NONE] hello
*** gmoney (gkis...@ has joined channel #Lounge
[PopinFrsh] Why did you decide to get that ultra cool rectangular guitar?
[Ruprecht] hello Non
*** gmoney has left channel #Lounge
[Ruprecht] None
[NONE] how do you get a name?
[Istanbul] Hello cashed the check 2 mos. ago but I haven't gotten a thing, and
+they won't answer my mail, e-mail, or messages on the machine. * Whizard expects no pay either if he can help... :-]
[MONOflans] Istanbul: Hello is a very funky organization and you have to go
+with the general vibe. Trust that we always feel bad about our lack of
+organization, and that complaints hurt more than you'll ever know. We love
+each and every member, and we are always sorry.
[eliza] Who do you think has been the most influential artist or individual
+with your music?
[Seta] John, where'd u get the idea for the album cover for Mono Puff?
[ninja-bob] is the sticker that came with the devil ep waterproof??
[kismet] You are sweet, John Boy.
[eliza] Great sticker!
[NONE] Why is Dial A Song at your house and not Linnells?
[Nemo] MONO: do you like Eskimo? (band)
[MONOflans] PopinFrsh: I had it built to my personal spec by my friend Chris
+Cush. It was originally designed to fit in a guitar case but be as square as
[SONICMOD] Seta: John, where'd u get the idea for the album cover for Mono
[Istanbul] Sorry I hurt you with my complaint... (;
*** etherboy (fra...@ has joined channel #lounge
[ninja-bob] why no lyrics in the unsupervised booklet?
[Ruprecht] I got to for a minute...
[NONE] How'd you get to work with Elina Lowensohn?
*** Signoff: marlowe ((signed off))
[Ruprecht] I'll be back
*** Signoff: Ruprecht ((signed off))
[etherboy] Flans: Wot is your fiance's name?
[eliza] Sonic mod: why are all of questions going through you?
[MONOflans] Seta: We were thinking of a bubbly kinda look, and Babs, the
+designer hooked it up on her computer. The photos were
[kismet] You've really got to stop asking him that, etherboy.
[MrKlaw] mike sez: John I live in Canada. Mono Puff will never ever come here
+in a milliion billion years. Don't you think I oughta get something special?
[NONE] Sorry, but how do you get a screen name for the room?
[MONOflans] taken in the basement and outside the Mercury Lounge during TMBG's
+stand there. The letters I bought in a junk store
[Seta] cool :)
[eliza] Yeah how many of you are single?
[MONOflans] MrKlaw: Yes.
[isaac] In the Liner notes for Unsupervised, it says the musik for Dr. Kildare
+is unknown - where did it come from? It sounds like a ska standard.
[MrKlaw] Thanks, John.
*** irc (klsc...@ has joined channel #lounge
[Istanbul] eliza: ?Por Que?
[Nemo] flans: do you like eskimo? do you remember playing with them?
*** rmachint (rmac...@ has joined channel #lounge
*** Chummy (chu...@ has joined channel #Lounge
[destin] I should get something special cos TMBG cancelled both shows I tried
+to see and nobody comes to FL. *snif*
*** rmachint has left channel #lounge
[eliza] Por Que?
*** Signoff: NONE ((signed off)) * Whizard thinks that this is "Totally Rockin'"... :-]
[kismet] Good comeback.
[Istanbul] Flans: When will the new TMBG album come out? And shouldn't the
+name be out soon?
[eliza] Parle vous francais?
[kismet] Ibid.
[MrKlaw] pay attention istanbul
[MONOflans] issac: I think it is actually the theme from the tv show, but I
+only know it from this ska album that said "unkonwn" on the credits. The guys
+at NPR all broke into the lyric from the original, which was a hit for the
+made for tv movie guy that starred in it
[MONOflans] The guy who lives in Hawaii
*** Ruprecht (Rupr...@ has joined channel #lounge
[eliza] Istanbul has a very short attention span! ] Flans: How does John L. feel about Mono Puff? Any comment?
[MrKlaw] mike sez: John do you like the 70's cop show Streets of San
[Istanbul] Hey now!
[RobNg] Ok two things. 1. the head writer of another world is on NBC tonight
+at nine joy! heh 2. the email for conan is ""
[T-Set] I know we shouldn't be asking about TMBG, but is "I Palindrome I"
+about YOUR mother?
[etherboy] Flans: Wot will the first single be off the new TMBG album?
[Ruprecht] klaw, what did I miss?
[Nemo] flans: check out the record Mr. Banjo is you don't have it already
*** unstuck has left channel #lounge
*** Signoff: Matt ((signed off))
[Nemo] do you know mr. banjo? it is a very great record on verve
[MONOflans] Istanbul: The middle of Sept. "Factory Showroom" thirteen big,
+long songs including S-E-X-X-Y, Your Own Worst Enemy, How Can I Sing Like A
+Girl? and XTC Vs Adam Ant
[MONOflans] T-Set: Absolutely not.
[Ruprecht] damn
*** Matt (elr...@ has joined channel #lounge
[Istanbul] Kickin'!!!
[MrKlaw] Only 13 songs?Hmm...
[Matt] ack
[eliza] Hey Ruprecht! Where did you come up with that name??
[Ruprecht] I'll get a transcript?
[kismet] Also, lend an ear to "Robert Mitchum: calypso--is so..."
[MONOflans] etherboy: Maybe How Can I sing like a Girl?
[T-Set] Man, I am relieved!! Who's it about?
[Ruprecht] Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
[Ruprecht] with steve Martin
*** Chummy has left channel #Lounge
[irc] I saw the new video from Monopuff on 120 minutes and it was really
[MONOflans] MrKlaw: It's 45 minutes long, which up until John Henry was the
+standard of how many songs we wanted to put on.
[Seta] yea it was :)
[isaac] Kildare is a neat song. Have you ever tried writing a blue-beat song? -] *Ruprecht* I can throw the transcript at you soon as it's over... :-]
[Mentos] Monoflans: Yes, just out of my own fanatic curiousity, what bands do
+you dig nowadays?
[MrKlaw] ok John
[MONOflans] Nemo: Yes, I also had Discomo
[eliza] How long do you normally play at a show? How many songs, and does it
+change according to the mood your in ?
[Nemo] Discomo? what's that...i don't know that...
[Ruprecht] has TMBG finished recording?
[irc] Are TMBG coming out with a new album soon?
[MONOflans] Mentos: Magnetic Fields, Sly and the Family Stone
[etherboy] Isn't Diskomo a Residents song?
[Mentos] Monoflans: I'll have to check them out.
[Matt] how do you feel about Monopuff/TMBG bootlegs John?
*** Tmbg345 (Tmb...@ has joined channel #lounge
[kismet] irc: yes, in the fall, I believe.
[MONOflans] irc: Sept: Factory Showroom. 13 too long songs
[MrKlaw] good questionmatt
[RobNg] But could you come back to Hanover NH? The college students have all
+forgotten you guys
[MONOflans] etherboy: Yes
[Istanbul] Flans: Why doesn't Linnel do any interviews?
[Tmbg345] Linnell did that MUsic and Comp. interview
[ninja-bob] i thought unsupervised was way too short.
[MONOflans] elisa: Mono Puff's show was about 60 minutes which was every song
+we knew how to play ] MONOFlans: What does John L. think about MonoPuff?
[eliza] How long does it take for you to record an album? And do you like some
+other bands all live together in one place while doing this?
[Istanbul] ninja: Quality, not quantity! (:
[Mentos] Monoflans: And how do you feel about the Canadian boys, the
+Barenaked Ladies. They are compared to you left and right.
[irc] John, I really like you and the other John. You guys were awesome in
+Northampton this year
[SONICMOD] Matt: how do you feel about Monopuff/TMBG bootlegs John?
[MONOflans] elisa: TMBG it goes up to about 1 hr 45, but after that we hit
+critical mass and everything sounds the same
[irc] My friends and I left you a note on your car. But I doubt you got it.
[eliza] Do you meet and greet after your shows??
[Seta] John, the booklet for Unsupervised was way cool, but how come u didn't
+put all the lyrics in?
*** Signoff: Ruprecht ((signed off))
[MrKlaw] John you nearly ran me down in Elizabethtown in April. I'm OK :)
[Istanbul] Bootlegs go me into TMBG... (:
[kismet] You referred to your hair as having "hit critical mass" at Mercury
+Lounge a few weeks ago.
[irc] And I met you two years ago at Suffolk Community College.
[MONOflans] Matt: I am flattered, and would gladly give people the DATs just
+so they were of better quality, but they won't return my lawyers calls
[ninja-bob] doh, now that i can ask, i cant think of a question
[kismet] Have you cut it yet?
[MONOflans] MrKlaw: rock on
[irc] You guys played at Amherst COllege before I got there, can you play
+there again?
[Matt] yeah the DC show was not quite DAT quality ;)
[MONOflans] irc: call you concert people. We love those shows
[eliza] What about the website?? Does it currently exist? or is it in the
*** ElChavo (MrK...@ has joined channel #lounge
*** Signoff: Panamakid ((signed off))
*** Ruprecht1 (Rupr...@ has joined channel #lounge
[MONOflans] eliza: yes, look for it in about a month
[Tmbg345] Will "Maybe I KKnow" be on the new album?
[Ruprecht1] I'm bacl
[irc] I play TMBG on my radio show all the time. My fans love it!
[Ruprecht1] back
[etherboy] Flans: Did u say the new album will have only 13 songs, why so few?
[MrKlaw] hi rup
[kismet] John, what's the next video you'll be directing? Also, are you
+interested in directing a short or feature-length film?
[SONICMOD] Istanbul] Who will we see from Hello next year?
[Ruprecht1] did he answer my questions?
[eliza] thanks sorry you just answered my question!!
[RobNg] Oooooo good one kismet
[Tmbg345] Soul Coughing! I see them in 2 days!
[kismet] Thank ya kindly, RobNg.
[MONOflans] Tmbg345: We did a version of it at the Edison Museum that was
+recorded on a wax cylindar (sp.?) from the turn of the century. It didn't use
+electricity and soulnd wild
[ninja-bob] why werent some of the songs on the devil ep included on the
[Ruprecht1] apparently ruprecht is taken
[Istanbul] TMBG should do movies like the Beatles did
[T-Set] Anymore vids from Mono Puff coming up? How about "Nixon's the One"?
[SONICMOD] Istanbul] to
[SONICMOD]: Who will we see from Hello next year?
[MrKlaw] mike sez: John I am a film school graduate. Can I make some videos
+for you (or at least watch as they are made?) ] John: What was the last concert, other than one of yours, you went to??
[eliza] What is your favorite get away when your done with months of touring?
[kismet] Soul Coughing is great, and M Doughty, the "singer," is cool and
+quite approachable (poor guy).
[irc] John, I loved the video you did two years ago, you introduced it on 120
+min. I guess you are a multitalented guy.
[MONOflans] We are going to put on of thoise songs on the album, but it will
+probably be a song we wrote for the occasion called "I Can Hear You" which is
+about speakers that make noise.
[SONICMOD] Istanbul] to
[SONICMOD]: Who will we see from Hello next year?
[MONOflans] Maybe we'll make a Edison ep for the Info club mail porder
[Istanbul] Sonicmod is messed up!!!!
[RobNg] No kidding
[kismet] I've seen them twice, and M Doughty once, doing a reading and an
+acoustic performance. Both smashing.
*** gmoney (gkis...@ has joined channel #Lounge
[Tmbg345] Do you find the many deep interperations to you songs annoying??
*** Signoff: gmoney ((signed off))
[MrKlaw] I thought there was going to be an Edison EP no matter what.
[eliza] Do you have any songs that you would like to release that didn't make
+it on the album?
[RobNg] is the hello number 1800-48-hello?
[Tmbg345] Alright!
[MONOflans] Istanbul: Probably another Mono Puff ep, but beyond that I don't
[Ruprecht1] hello 41
[SONICMOD] YEAH... I'm trying to make up for the screen scrolling cuz all y
+guys have MAD questions for JOHN... PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!
[etherboy] 1-800-41-hello
[MrKlaw] 1-800-HELLO-41, guys
[kismet] Wow, like that interp of "End of the Tour," the one about the car
+accident. Mm mm.
[ninja-bob] what'll happen to felt tip pen?
[MONOflans] Hello is 1800 HELLO 41, that is for free catolog and orders
[Ruprecht1] 1 800 hello 41
[SONICMOD] Istanbul asks -]What ever happened to the TMBG newsletter?
[etherboy] oh
[irc] John, I heard a rumor that you are married, is that true?
*** Signoff: Matt ((signed off))
[Ruprecht1] engaged
[MONOflans] ninja-bob: It will probably be on the ep, and the next MP lp
[Istanbul] I heard you were getting wed the 14th
[eliza] Hey What happened to Mentos! Did someone eat him?!
[MONOflans] personal
[Tmbg345] Felt Tip Pen is truly rockin'
[burp] not me.
[Mentos] I'm right here, and feeling fresh and minty too.
*** Panamakid (GC10...@ has joined channel #Lounge
*** ninja-bob (chak...@ has joined channel #lounge
[MONOflans] Istanbul: we just about to put one out. Send your address in and
+make sure to get one
[Ruprecht1] I ate some mentos yesterday
[irc] Are you going to continue to tour with Monopuff, or are you going to
+stay with TMBG?
[RobNg] John: But it says it's full and I want to be a part of it!
[Ruprecht1] assorted fruit
[Seta] my 'puter just did something way weird...
[eliza] What's personal MONOPUFF, it's hard to tell which questions your
[irc] Are you going to stay with TMBG after the new album comes out?
[destin] MONOflans: are you going to do any more live internet concerts? Why
+was the first one cut off?
[Tmbg345] So, how does everyone feel on the Van Halen/David Lee Roth thing??
*** Matt1 (elr...@ has joined channel #lounge
[Mentos] Monoflans: How do you feel about the Barenaked Ladies? Are the
+comparisons to TMBG valid in your eyes?
[Matt1] double ack
[Istanbul] I sent my adress in 20 zillion times, with no responce
[kismet] eliza: Whether he'll be jumping the broom on the 14th. ] Flans: What was the last concert, besides one of yours, that you went to?
[irc] Where did you get the name Monopuff?
[eliza] Hey theres mentos!!
[MONOflans] irc: I will always rock on with TMBG. I look forward to being so
+old that at the gigs no one will expect me to stand up
[SONICMOD] Mentos: Monoflans: How do you feel about the Barenaked Ladies?
+Are the comparisons to TMBG valid in your eyes?
[Matt1] haha
*** MrKlaw1 (MrK...@ has joined channel #lounge
[ninja-bob] for those of you tuning in late, some of these questions have been
+answered already.
[kismet] John, hopefully no one will keep moving your chair when you need to
+sit down...
[Tmbg345] you mean the Van Halen one??
[MrKlaw1] we are back, got bounced, added a 1 to our name
[irc] You are from Northampton, right? Are you going to do a concert there
+anytime soon.
[eliza] Do you find that a lot of people bother you out in public or can you
+pretty much go anywhere you want?
[Mentos] I prefer David Lee Roth. He gets a plus for showmanship.
[MONOflans] Mentos: I think they are a pretty "tight" sounding group. I dig
+their acoustic thing, but I don't have any records by them. I heard them on
+the radio in Canada a couple of years ago. They sounded good.
[Tmbg345] Did you like the intimate crowds at teh Mono Puff shows?
[SONICMOD] irc: You are from Northampton, right? Are you going to do a concert
+there anytime soon.
[eliza] David Lee Roth???
[Tmbg345] Hagar is pretty lame!
[kismet] I saw John Linnell once on the Upper West Side in a drugstore after
+the Elvis Costello show. I was polite and didn't bother him.
[irc] I go to Amherst COllege
[Mentos] Monoflans: Thank you for answering my questions. You sure are
[etherboy] Flans: You should do another tour with pere ubu! My two fav bands!
[MrKlaw1] John did you SEE Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? What a piece of crap
[MONOflans] Mentos: I love David Lee Roth. I want to be his manager, and
+convince him to wear wigs and really go for it again
[ninja-bob] is someone catching all this to post to the list/newsgroup?
[MONOflans] Enough o fhtis short hair
*** Harlequin (part...@ has joined channel #Lounge
[MrKlaw1] We went to see it just to hear Sensurround * Istanbul will post this to the list
[eliza] Yeah it must be different playing for a small venue, is that what you
[kismet] Doesn't Dave suffer from MPB?
[Matt1] what other instruments besides guitar do you plan John?
[MONOflans] MrKlaw 1: We just recorded a song. I don't see very much childrens
*** Signoff: MrKlaw ((signed off))
[MrKlaw1] ok john well stay away
[Ruprecht1] I'm sad that two seconds of sensuround was in power rangers
[SONICMOD] RobNg: Flans: How close will you ever get to NH?
[MrKlaw1] from the movie
[Mentos] Monoflans: Hah! Under your tutelage John, Roth could truly be all
+he could be.
[Tmbg345] They should make a sequel to that "Hot For Teacher" video...directed
+by mr Flans
[MONOflans] Matt 1: I do a lot of stuff electronically
[destin] Did you record anything else at the same time as Sensurround that
+hasn't been released?
[Matt1] I did the synths
[Matt1] dig that is
[kismet] "Just a Gigolo" could be restored to its original splendor with John
+on board.
[MONOflans] I would love to do a Van Halen Mk 3 ideo
[RobNg] Acctually it was more like three
[Istanbul] Flans: Did y'all have anything to do with the Tiny Toons thing?
[eliza] What instrument was your first John?
[Tmbg345] Will the version of James K Polk on the new one be the same as the
[ninja-bob] IMHO going to a bad movie just to hear 2 seconds of a song isnt
+worth it.
[Harlequin] Flans: Are all the new songs you've been performing live recently
+destined for the TMBG album, or will some get stuck as B-sides?
[MONOflans] I am doing a video for the group Soul Coughing right now.
[Tmbg345] For what song?
[eliza] What about the b-sides?
[MONOflans] I am editing it tonight. You should all check them out. They are
[etherboy] I'm sad that only 2 seconds of spiralling shape was on Brain Candy
[Matt1] who'll teach me drama?
[Istanbul] Soul Coughing? Cool!
[Ruprecht1] I heard that you guys were kinda mad with the final result of tiny
[SONICMOD] Tmbg345: Will the version of James K Polk on the new one be the
+same as the b-side?
[Istanbul] I only ever heard one JKPolk...
[kismet] Didn't Soul Coughing's drummer do some work on "Unsupervised"?
[MONOflans] Harliquin: Good question. Some songs I love, like Rat Patrol and
+Counterfeit Faker won't be on the new lp
*** Signoff: Panamakid ((signed off))
[irc] How did you get to do a song for Brain Candy? Are you a fan of KITH?
*** ElChavo has left channel #lounge
[RobNg] Flans: How close will you ever get to NH?
[MrKlaw1] Mike sez: John I used the song Mr.Klaw in a student film I made. Do
+you want to see it??
[eliza] Hey John are you getting tired yet??
[Harlequin] Will RP and CF end up B-sides or die entirely?
[Seta] John i heard Snail Shell on MTV's Real World last night :)
[RobNg] On RW5?
[kismet] Gee, there goes the neighborhood.
[etherboy] I saw that episode seta
[MONOflans] kismet: Yes, I di a very interesting sampling session with him,
+where he just played beats we talked about
[Seta] the England one
[SONICMOD] Tmbg345: Will the version of James K Polk on the new one be the
+same as the b-side?
[Istanbul] They used Snail Shell on Beach House alot
[Mentos] Monoflans: I have to go feed my dog. I'd just like to say that
+you've proven yourself to be a great performer and a decent guy. Before I go
+though, can you say "Manny Donio is my favorite regular guy"?
[MONOflans] Seta: our stuff is played incidentally a lot on MTV
[RobNg] The used it on sandblast too
[RobNg] not really
[kismet] Thanks, John. He's cool, but I love the Skeleton Key drummer! He's
+always smiling, and I swear his neck is a rubberband!
[Tmbg345] What about the "Devil Went to Georgia"?
[Harlequin] The Edison Museums stuff will be B-sides, right?
[MONOflans] Tmbg345: Now it is new new new and improved
[RobNg] I mean ir's not really always on
[RobNg] it
[Tmbg345] alright! Like the live faster version?
[MONOflans] kismet: he's super cool
[Harlequin] Wait---James K Polk is on the new album?
[destin] I've heard Snail Shell and Ana NG on MTV.. they used a bit of the
+Snail Shell vid in a promo once.
[kismet] And super limber.
[SONICMOD] Mentos: Monoflans: I have to go feed my dog. I'd just like to say
+that you've proven yourself to be a great performer and a decent guy. Before
+I go though, can you say "Manny Donio is my favorite regular guy"?
*** JuliAnn (Jul...@ has joined channel #lounge
[Harlequin] Not the same as the Edison museum version, right?
[eliza] How do you feel about MTV? and how it's changed over the years?
[Istanbul] I want a new, faster, Birdhouse!
[MONOflans] Tmbg345: I don't know if it's faster, just new new new
[MONOflans] Istanbul: You and our manager!
[Ruprecht1] Will freaksickle be new versions of those songs? ] MONOFlans: Have you any intention of releasing a concert-style version of
+Why Does The Sun Shine on anything other than Live in NY??
[RobNg] Why is birdhouse sung faster and higher in concerts?
[Tmbg345] i wrote a History report using that song, and got a B. So thanks.
[Matt1] is your manager Jamie still looking for people to work for
[kismet] John, do you have any interest in directing a short- or
+feature-length film at some point?
[Tmbg345] Where is Mario now??
[MONOflans] eliza: I feel the same. I love it unconditionally
[isaac] I credit James K Polk with my 4 on the AP American History Exam.
[SONICMOD] Mentos: Monoflans: I have to go feed my dog. I'd just like to say
+that you've proven yourself to be a great performer and a decent guy. Before
+I go though, can you say "Manny Donio is my favorite regular guy"?
[JuliAnn] hi there
[eliza] Songs always sound slighly different when you hear them live! Thats
+what sooo great about it!
[MrKlaw1] John, I have a book about space from 1953 with they lyrics to Why
+Does The Sun Shine printed right in 16.
[Istanbul] Shut up, Sonicmod
[destin] MONOflans: will Live in NY ever be released anywhere but Hello? Maybe
+through the info club, at least?
*** Nemo has left channel #lounge
[MONOflans] Mentos: I don't know who you're talking about. Sorry
[Tmbg345] Any Cowtowners in the crowd tonight?
[etherboy] Flans: This is a heated debate on the mailing list. In the song
+"Self Called Nowhere" Does John L. say It's a thing named IT or, a thing
+named ID?
[Mentos] Monoflans: It's me.
[RobNg] I'm a cowtowner
[SONICMOD] Whizard: MONOFlans: Have you any intention of releasing a
+concert-style version of Why Does The Sun Shine on anything other than Live
+in NY??
[MrKlaw1] I bought it at a garage sale for 50 cents, not knowing what secrets
+it contained
[Harlequin] MONOflans: Will Mono Puff continue on an irregular basis, or just
+die of in favor of some other project?
[Tmbg345] what's your regular screen name?
[Ruprecht1] I've been to cowtown
[RobNg] SpiffyRob
[Tmbg345] I remember you, how's it going?
[MONOflans] MrKlaw 1: It is taken from a book of astronomy, I think. It's a
+cover of a song from an educational record.
[Tmbg345] Oh! Hey!
[Ruprecht1] I'm Ruprecht76
[MrKlaw1] How do I get a job working for TMBG?
[eliza] Do you see yourself doing some sort of ELIVE album?
[kismet] I've been to Bovina Center, NY. Does that cownt? (Get it, "cownt"?)
[RobNg] like phish
[Tmbg345] why?
[irc] Where did you get the name Monopuff?
[Tmbg345] And i you, how is everything?
[MONOflans] Harlequin: Forever, although many of the personel have other
+commitments, so it will evolve as it continues.
[RobNg] Because the computer that had aol is gone untill then, and I can't get
+it to work on this computer
*** Signoff: Mentos ((signed off))
[kismet] John, where can I find a tape or CD of the Clamdiggers' stuff?
[MONOflans] irc: I talked about it before
[eliza] It kind of reminds me of that FLUFF stuff!!
[isaac] Any FL dates for MonoPuff? And will you ever (or have you ever)
+written a blue-beat song? Dr. Kildare was great!
[MrKlaw1] mike sez: Klaw and I want to head a Canadian chapter of the fan
+club. What do you say about that, John?
[Matt1] were you inspired by Frank Black when you made Guitar was the Case?
[Tmbg345] bummer
[etherboy] evrthing is coo, tmbg345, I got out of AOhelL is all :)
[Harlequin] MONOflans: That's good to hear! I really like MonoPuff, and I'm
+really glad you're having fun with it.
[MONOflans] kismet: In my car is the only place I'm sure you could find it.
+They played around Boston quite a bit
*** marlowe (c...@ has joined channel #lounge
[Istanbul] AOHell screwed up my computer
[Tmbg345] tjat
[eliza] What is the response to the band in Europe?
[Tmbg345] thats cool
[RobNg] Flans: Will you ever get any closer to NH the NY? You could go to
+great woods in boston or burlington in VT?
[kismet] I think you were inspired by the theme to "The Munsters." (That's a
+good thing. Really.)
[eliza] And CAnada??
[Ruprecht1] aol sucks
[MONOflans] Harliquin: I want to step out even more with the Puff, and try to
+do a more groove oriented record next time
[SONICMOD] isaac: Any FL dates for MonoPuff? And will you ever (or have you
+ever) written a blue-beat song? Dr. Kildare was great! ] MONOFlans: Have you any intention of releasing aconcert-style version of
+Why Does The Sun Shine on anything other than Live in NY?
[MrKlaw1] eliza are you in canada?
[Istanbul] AOHell is pure evil. Da Chronic should be hung.
[kismet] "The Puff." How dear.
[Ruprecht1] If I made a tmbg page, would you want me to utilize frames?
[irc] I heard either Brian or Tony left the band, is this true? *SONICMOD* I'll through you question up next...
[Ruprecht1] er, a Mono Puff page
[Istanbul] Where can I get the Live album?
[kismet] Tony left, replaced by Graham Maby.
[MONOflans] isaac: TMBG within 6 mo.s I'm sure, but until MP has a big fat hit
+I don't think we could pay for the gas.
[eliza] no , MRKLAW I'm in NYC!!
[SONICMOD] Whizard: MONOFlans: Have you any intention of releasing
+aconcert-style version of Why Does The Sun Shine on anything other than Live
+in NY?
[MONOflans] Istanbul: bootlegs
[MrKlaw1] ok
[Tmbg345] i gotta go
[Tmbg345] be right back
[kismet] Me too, eliza.
[Istanbul] MP needs more publicity
[etherboy] Tony Maimone played in the band PERE UBU before TMBG Check out PERE
+UBU people :)
[eliza] cool!!
[Seta] John, I'm painting the cover of your first TMBG album on my wall :) :)
[Ruprecht1] The sun is a mass
[MONOflans] irc: Tony is starting a studio in Brooklyn, and friends of mine
+who have worked there said it is so clean it is amazing
[Matt1] MonoFlans: what do you think of the Devil Went Down to Newport being
+on the Extreme GAmes on ESPN?
[Harlequin] I think MP is good small. MONOflans, I'm sure you enjoy the
+concerts where moshing is not a problem :)
[RobNg] Flans: Will you ever get any closer to NH the NY? You could go to
+great woods in boston or burlington in VT?
[MONOflans] Seta: right on. Make me look thin
[Seta] :))
[MrKlaw1] Almost yours rentalworld.
[Seta] okay cool :)
[MONOflans] RobNg: I hope so.
[destin] MONOflans: Why aren't TMBG and Mono Puff way more popular than, say,
+Hootie and the Blowfish?
[irc] Please do another show at Amherst College. You have lots of fans there.
[MrKlaw1] Drive Thru records
[Istanbul] Do like most the companies do and pay the stations to play your
[Ruprecht1] Flans, have you ever listened to Ween?
[kismet] You are lovely the way you are. Don't go changin'... (sorry)
[MrKlaw1] foodtropolis
[Harlequin] destin: because most people can't comprehend the brilliance that
+is TMBG.
[MrKlaw1] TMB Cinema
[Istanbul] Can I still order old Hello stuff, like the Live album?
[T-Set] Any more online concerts and/or QA sessions on your agenda?
[RobNg] Flans: I really think you should go to great woods. It's outside so
+the acoustics are great and it holds a ton of people
[MONOflans] destin: I think I have gained to much weight, and I swear too much
+while we are on commercial radio stations. Just one theory.
[MrKlaw1] Hot Dog Colony
*** Signoff: JuliAnn ((signed off))
[eliza] Hootie ????!!!!
[MrKlaw1] Sports Hole
[MrKlaw1] Chophouse Eatery
[MONOflans] Too much. I can't sppell well and type this fast
[eliza] Can we please not discuss him!!
[irc] What is the song "They'll Need a Crane" about- is it derived from
+personal experiences
[MrKlaw1] Total Burger
[SONICMOD] Istanbul: Can I still order old Hello stuff, like the Live album?
[Harlequin] MONOflans: How about "MTV Unplugged"? :) : ):) :)
[MONOflans] irc: That is really one for Linnell
[MrKlaw1] sorry just went mad for a moment.
[kismet] I DID hear you employ the "f" word twice at Mercury Lounge back in
+March, young man.
[Seta] John, will you ever come to Upstate NY, like Ithaca?
[Tmbg345] why hello
[MONOflans] kismet: I have emotional problems
[Matt1] WE LOVE YOU FLANSY! ] Have you any intention of releasing aconcert-style version of Why Does The
+Sun Shine on anything other than Live in NY?
*** banshee (GC10...@ has joined channel #Lounge
[Istanbul] Just an interjection -] THE TMBG appearance at the HFStival last
+year kicked ass!
[MrKlaw1] love you too john
*** banshee has left channel #Lounge
[Harlequin] Seta: They play Rochester a lot.
[etherboy] DEFINITELY
[MONOflans] MATT 1: all rigght
*** banshee (GC10...@ has joined channel #Lounge
[destin] MONOflans: I've never heard you on a commercial radio station. And
+I'm sure the Blues Traveler guy is far more immense than you could ever be.
[Seta] oooh Rochester :)
[Tmbg345] hello?
[Ruprecht1] are you pasting that whizard?
[eliza] You guys used the"F" word at a show???!!!
[kismet] Tell me all about it, doll. (Come on, you're great, and you know
[ninja-bob] is there a cover design for the "factory showroom" yet?
[irc] This is really funny, but one of my friends is really set on marrying
+Linnell. It's cute.
[Harlequin] Seta: you near Rochester? Great town. :)
[MONOflans] destin: But he can really play the harmonica ] Ruprecht: Yeah...
[MrKlaw1] i really liked the Scream as if you were in hell! middle of the live
+Hide Away Folk Family. Bring that back John.
[Seta] Harlequin: im near Binghamton, NY
[eliza] Seta do you live in Rochester?
[kismet] He just said he has emotional problems. Cut him some slack, Jack.
*** Signoff: Tmbg345 ((signed off))
[Harlequin] So is it "Factory Showroom" now? I really like that one.
[destin] MONOflans: but accordions and square guitars are MUCH more
[kismet] (I think I'm Sinatra here.)
[Harlequin] Eliza: Do you live in rochester?
[etherboy] I like that one too
[RobNg] Careless Santa didn't really happen did it?
[ninja-bob] people who can't play the harmonica really shouldn't. Ex: Alanis
[MONOflans] MrKlaw 1: That worked pretty well, but you can't do that stuff
[eliza] Seta: Im originally from Ithaca!
[MrKlaw1] thanks john i kmow
[MrKlaw1] know
[Istanbul] I hate Hootie. And Jewel. And Gin Blossems. And Alanis. And the
[MONOflans] RobNg: Yes
[Seta] reeally? :)
[Seta] cool
[MONOflans] Ithaca rocks
[Ruprecht1] I hate dishwalla
[eliza] yeeah. Not much to do there though!
[Seta] are u coming back to Ithaca, John?
[Matt1] What will this new TMBG tour be called MonoFlans?
[etherboy] Flans: Have you ever done drugs (besides caffine)?
[RobNg] The whole thing? Santa spoiled your bank robbing scheme?
[kismet] In at least a couple of early TMBG videos, you and Linnell seemed to
+have enjoyed showing closeups of your usually-chomping teeth. What gives,
[Harlequin] MONOFlans: Whataya think of Rochester? :) I saw you here once.
[Istanbul] Some people don't deserve to be famous. Ex: Alanis
[irc] Are you going to continue doing albums in the newer, harder, raw style,
+or are you going to go back to those more pop/ballad styles of Lincoln and
[Ruprecht1] How about Ann Arbor Detroit or Lansing?
[eliza] Have you been to Ithaca MonoPuff???
*** Tmbg345 (Tmb...@ has joined channel #lounge
[MONOflans] Let's not get into a "suck" or "rules" deal here. Any questions
[MrKlaw1] Mike and I drove for 12 hours from Toronto to Elizabethtown, PA just
+to see you. You put on a great show...thanks a lot guys, we love you
[T-Set] I am leaving. Thanks a lot, John!!!!!!!!!!
[MONOflans] T-Set: chow
[Tmbg345] yo Flans, what do you think of The Coctails?
*** Signoff: T-Set ((signed off))
[Istanbul] Flans: How did you gain your God-like stature?
*** JuliAnn (Jul...@ has joined channel #lounge
[eliza] BYe Bye T_SET!!!!
[destin] I drove for 7 hours to see you in Athens, GA. Alas....
[ninja-bob] that guy in bluestraveller plaays harmonica well.
[MONOflans] eliza: Yes, I hang out there quite a bit. I spent a lot of my
+childhood there.
[etherboy] Flans: Does the song sexxy have anything to do with the pere ubu
+song navvy?
[Matt1] Steve Calhoun is a wild man John!
[MONOflans] destin: the cancelled show?
*** Signoff: JuliAnn ((signed off))
+upper-register numbers like "She Was a Hotel Detective"?
[MONOflans] I was really sick that day. I went to the hospital and my
+temperature and I was at, like 104.5 degrees
*** Signoff: pinky22 ((signed off))
[eliza] Its beautiful this time of year but hell in the cold months!!!
[destin] MONOflans: The cancelled show. Then I tried to see you at
+Zephyrfest,in New Orleans... cancelled too. I'm cursed.
[etherboy] Where exactly is "Hell's Kitchen"?
[kismet] Echinacea and goldenseal. And pulsatilla. They work wonders, I
+wouldn't steer you wrong.
[Harlequin] Flans: I think you (TMBG) should tour as "Folk Family" or somesuch
+once per tour. It'll give you the small concert experience, with mostly
+"devoted" fans. :) ] John: What did you think of Hotel Faux Pas, the band that opened for you at
+Mississippi nights in St. Louis last year? * etherboy is sad that flans was sick
[SONICMOD] Okay everyone... OPEN CHAT... Please be patient as John can only
+answer the questions that are in front of him!!
[Ruprecht1] if I told you the url of my website, would you look at later?
[MONOflans] kismet: well, sometimes it doesn't work, which was kinda the
+inspiration for "How can I SIng Like a Girl?"
*** JuliAnn (Jul...@ has joined channel #lounge
[irc] Did you make "Spiralling Shape" specifically for the Kids in the Hall
[eliza] Hey JuliAnn!!
[Tmbg345] Will your cover of "Taking Care of Business" be released anytime?
[etherboy] hi
[kismet] You do a fine job--no pubescent-Peter-Brady-like cracking to this
+gal's ears.
[MONOflans] Whizard: I din't get a chance to see them, because it was the only
+time I could eat dinner, which is almost always the case with openers
[Matt1] John: how long ago did your hit your head and become left handed?
[Tmbg345] hi
[ninja-bob] you should come play at the Ohio State fair. It would be a
+welcome change from all the country music.
[eliza] That movie was sooo funny!!!
[destin] MONOflans: I understand you were sick. It's okay. You just really
+have to come to FL soon. :)
[MrKlaw1] John, Klaw and I want to head a Toronto chapter of the TMBG fan
+club. How do you suggest we can go about this?? And will you support it?
[MONOflans] Tmbg345: No.
[Harlequin] Flans: What has inspired the decidedly more "rockin'" sound of
+TMBG's newest work? (I like it, BTW)
[Seta] John, u should have made Nixon's the One longer, it ROCKS!!!!
[RobNg] Were you saying anything on the cover of Smells like teen spirit?
[MONOflans] MrKlaw 1: Do it.
[Tmbg345] That was quite swank at the Fairfax fair!
[Harlequin] Seta: NTW is cool. My mother got a bit strange when she heard it.
[Seta] :)
[irc] What is "Put your Hand Inside the Puppet Head" about. You guys are
+really cool in the video for it.
[isaac] Mr. Flans: I've got 200' of 16mm film in my fridge. If I shot a music
+video for Nixon's the One, would you like a copy?
[kismet] "Nixon's the One" almost sounds like a Linnell-penned song. Do you
[RobNg] It was on dial a song first
[eliza] Yeah!!
[MONOflans] Seta: I had a hard time figuring out what else to say. It is
+really about the slogan "Nixon's the One" which always seems creepy in it's
+double edged meaning.
[irc] "She's An Angel" is a beautiful song. Where did you get the inspiration
+for that?
[Seta] oooh cool :)
[Harlequin] Flans: Did you go see the movie "NIXON"? :)
[MrKlaw1] I'm not joking, John. How can we coordinate with the New York info
[kismet] You look S-E-X-X-Y when you pour that coffee into that cup and
+saucer--so cavalier, so coy.
[Matt1] Flans: what did you think of the NPR All things considered show?
[RobNg] Deja vu! I heard something just like that on the ATC interview john!
[eliza] Maybe someone close to you??
[Istanbul] Flans: YOU ARE SO COOL!
[Seta] John are u going to host 120 again?
[etherboy] Yeah, Flans: Can I get your permission to use your music inany
+future fim projex :)
[Tmbg345] Will Killer Kahn be your new bassist? He rocks'!
[MONOflans] kismet: I would have to say, Linnell is my biggest influence, so
+if it sounds that way it is no suprize.
[RobNg] And then you toss it on the ground
[irc] Flans is definitely an awesome guy
*** banshee1 (GC10...@ has joined channel #Lounge
[MONOflans] Seta: If they invite us.
[Istanbul] I must leave now. Flans, you da greatest!!!!!!!!
*** Signoff: banshee ((signed off))
[MONOflans] Tmbg345: Killer Kahn is the best!
[Seta] byebye istanbul :)
[PopinFrsh] Did the name They Might Be Giants come from the movie They Might
+Be Giants?
[irc] One of my friends is a budding artist and you and John are his role
[kismet] John, what do you think of "What's Your Sign, Girl" by Alex Chilton?
+(Now THERE'S some crackin' vocal work!)
[eliza] take care Istanbul, and behave!!!
[Matt1] who's Killer Kahn?
[Tmbg345] He's a swell guy
[MONOflans] Istanbul: Later
[RobNg] Everybody e-mail Conan at and tell him to but on TMBG
[Harlequin] Popin: say it aint so.
*** Signoff: Istanbul ((signed off))
[Harlequin] Flans: What's your feeling about the pending album? Do you feel
+you've done a good job? Are you happy? Tired?
[eliza] So what are your plans to do until you tour in Sept?
[irc] What would you guys play if you were on the Conan O'Brien Show?
[MONOflans] PopinFrsh: Yes, although only insofar as it seemed like a good
+name for a band. The movie is not so great
[destin] MONOflans: is Mono Puff slated for any live TV appearances?
[RobNg] The movie is terrible
[MONOflans] eliza: I'm going out west to rest and gamble
[eliza] What about Dave Letterman?
[kismet] Sorry to ask you about Linnell, but do you know if he has plans to
+continue with his "State Songs"?
[etherboy] I hear a lot of ppl enjot the TMBG as well :)
[Matt1] I loved the movie!
[MONOflans] irc: probably whatever the single was
[Seta] John, where'd u get the idea for Careless Santa? im listening to it now
+BTW :)
[Tmbg345] Will They Might Be Frank ever go around again?
[eliza] Las Vegas??!!
[etherboy] the TMBG movie that is :)
[kismet] Have you guys been on David Letterman's new incarnation?
[Matt1] MonoFlans: Any future Monopuff singles coming off this album??
[RobNg] I'm listning to unsupervised for the fourth time in a row now
[eliza] Las Vegas rocks!!
[Matt1] it was They Might be Black (not Frank)
[ninja-bob] why is unsupervised so short?? ] MONOFlans: Any coincidence that Guitar Was the Case sounds rather like Hall
+of Heads without words?
[Tmbg345] How did you get to work with Elina Lowensohn?
[Ruprecht1] I have unsupervised in with 4 other discs...
[Harlequin] I love the lyrics to CSanta. One of the few songs that made me
+laugh when I first heard it. I mean, "fell on my arm and broke it" is just
+such a great line!
[Seta] Guitar Was the Case roxx :)
[kismet] I think it sounds like the theme to "The Munsters." (No offense
[Tmbg345] Oh, and thanks for the signed SPIN cd, i was a lucky winner!
[MONOflans] Seta: Well, the second verse was written as a crazy "alternate" to
+the first, which is kind of a cheap device that i use quite often, but it
+yields good results.
[etherboy] Yes Flans: Seta's Q : Wot inspired Careless?
[etherboy] ooops
[ninja-bob] I'm listening to John Henry cause it doesn't end after just 33
[MONOflans] kismet: Well, that and Hall of Heads (hangs head in shame)
[RobNg] whoa kismet your right. it does sound like the munsters
[MONOflans] ninja-bob: Sorry.
[ninja-bob] its okay
[eliza] what about me??
[Tmbg345] Flans, whats your favorite TMBG song?
[etherboy] How long is the new album?
[eliza] ????
[ninja-bob] didn't he say 45 min? ] MONOFlans: Didn't say it was bad that Guitar was the case sounds like Hall
+of Heads.. I quite like it... :-]
[Harlequin] MONOflans: Only the first section of the riff sounds like HOH.
[MONOflans] etherboy: Well, I just wanted to write a song about a different
+kind of Santa.
*** Signoff: JuliAnn ((signed off))
[MrKlaw1] Mike sez: I'm thinking that the cool special thing I ought to get,
+being Canadian, and therefore deprived of live Mono Puff, is the signed
+libretto that Flans made. Hmm maybe I dost protest too much...
[destin] MONOflans: How do you feel about the green-tinted jewel cases
+Rykodisc CD's come in? Was that the reason you chose the label?
[kismet] Oh, come on. I really meant no offense. It's great. (I won't even
+mention that when I was a student at ASU in Tempe, I saw the Gin Blossoms,
+then a local band, play "The Munsters" theme all the time.) Now I'm hanging
+my head in shame!
[Seta] John, who is Nancy Lynn Howell? from Dont' i have The right
[irc] In addition to the album coming out this fall are you coming out with
+another in '97?
[Seta] The green jewel cases area awesome
[Seta] are
[MONOflans] destin: I din't dig it at first, because I worried it would make
+the cover look dim
[ninja-bob] green tinted cd cases are pretty neat-o/cool/rockin'
[MrKlaw1] it barely looks green
[Ruprecht1] do you have plans for any more christmas songs?
[kismet] John, what book are you reading these days?
[irc] Rykodisc is a good label, they have Bob Mould.
[eliza] Are you flying to LAS VEGAS? or driving because either way I have a
+good friend who would be interested in going!!!
[MONOflans] But now I think it's fine, because there is so much dust in all
+plastic they look about equally dim
[ninja-bob] I didn't even notice they were green until i saw it in sunlight ] John: What do you think about Wierd Al's "Everything You Know is Wrong?"
[MONOflans] Rykodisk is very cool
[eliza] She'e really crazy tooo!!!
[Seta] just the edges look green
[kismet] Aside from her Hello duties, what has Marjorie Gallen done? Is she a
[destin] It's sort of a subliminal color influence... makes everything all
[Ruprecht1] I saw the label that said te tint was copyrighted...
[Tmbg345] Ryco also has The RESIDENTS
[Tmbg345] !!!
[ninja-bob] how can they copyright green tint, anyway?
[Harlequin] Hey, John, did you write DIHTW? I didn't see an alternate writing
+credit on the liner, but I've heard "Connie Champagne" sing it (on a tape
[Seta] John, you look exactly almost like my cousin's husband :)
[kismet] I found that odd, too.
[etherboy] Rykodisc has the Residents and Flansburgh, wot more could they
+want! B-)
[Ruprecht1] trademark
[irc] Yeah, I wanted to know about that too. The Weird Al song is very TMBG
[MONOflans] Ruprect: I don't really think of Careless Santa as a Christmas
+song especially, because it's not really about Christmas joy. It just kinda
+takes place with Santa as a character
[kismet] What else has Marjorie Gallen done? Is she a musician, or a
+producer, or what?
[isaac] MONOFlans: Do you relish the return to bare-bones touring that
+MonoPuff has brought to your life, or do you prefer the gluttonous excess of
+a big tour bus and a semi of pyrotechnics?
[Tmbg345] How is it a true story?
[eliza] Do you normally write the lyrics or is it a collaboration between
+everyone in the band?
[Ruprecht1] oh
[MONOflans] Harliquin: DIHTRTBL is my composition.
[RobNg] What is the rest of TMBG doing now?
[kismet] John, you have a Santa thing, don't you?
[ninja-bob] it'd be cool if there was a christmas compilation album with all
+those sort of xmas songs.
[PopinFrsh] Why did you decide to create Mono Puff?
[Matt1] is the devil really david hasslehoff?
[MrKlaw1] Mike sez: What do you think of King Missile, John? I need to know.
[Tmbg345] What you think of the AOL chat?? Pretty lame questions if you ask
[kismet] No, Robert Goulet is the devil, and Ferrante and Teicher are his
[ninja-bob] i always thought that the devil was my 9th grade gym teacher.
[Tmbg345] TMBG should cover Santa Dog
[eliza] You know in Germany everyone LOVES DAVID HASSELHOFF!!!
[Ruprecht1] the aol chat was bad
[Harlequin] MONOflans: I'm still waiting for my Power of Dial-A-Song tape so I
+can hear *you* sing it. (DIHTR).
[Ruprecht1] this is much better ] John: What do you think of Wierd Al's TMBGish song, "Everything You Know Is
[MONOflans] isaac: well that's a omplicated question. The Mono Puff tour was a
+little bumpy, but was pretty easy-breazy. Also TMBG tours aren't exactly a
+stroll in the park when it comes to logistics and travel, etc.
[MONOflans] irc: Thanks
[kismet] What's with all the teeth-gnashing in a couple of early TMBG videos?
+Both of you do it.
[Seta] John, i called Dial-A-Song, and i think its an awesome idea :)
[Tmbg345] Is your look in the MP video based on the looks of the guitarist
+from Cheap Trick??
[banshee1] MONOflans: when traveling in can always crash at my
+place if needed!
[etherboy] No it must be ZZ top :)
[kismet] How were you guys able to clear out that area around the fountain in
+Central Park to shoot the "They'll Need a Crane" video?
[eliza] So john what about Las Vegas??!!
[Harlequin] What happened to DAS? It was down for about a week...
[MrKlaw1] Mike sez: I think the best TMBG videos were directed by Adam
+Bernstein. Where has he gone?
[Tmbg345] "It's Pat" was pretty good.
[MrKlaw1] and where do you have Bill Krauss tied up?
[MONOflans] MrKlaw 1: I've only hear one song, and it was pretty "blue." Not
+really my bag, but I imagine they have other things to offer. That guy is
+some kind of spoken word - poet dude I hear
[Ruprecht1] Klaw will never get the Keyboard back
[kismet] Who is the keyboardist in "They'll Need a Crane"? He looks
+familiar--an actor, maybe?
[etherboy] Adam Bernstien directed a Pere Ubu video too
[Seta] John you are left handed ? me too :)))
[MrKlaw1] thanks should try to hear more King Missile, it is not
+all blue.
[kismet] Have the Clamdiggers released an album or EP? I haven't been able to
+find their stuff anywhere here in NYC.
[RobNg] Like detatchable penis?
[Ruprecht1] and some ween and some Wally Pleasant too
[MONOflans] MrKlaw 1: I saw Bill at the Mono Puff show, and he seemed happy
+and tanned as usual. He is doing voice over and acting in SF, and has a
+really interesting screen play he was telling me about
[Harlequin] The King Missile guy does spoken-poetry now. The band broke up,
[irc] I hope you don't mind that I call my radio show at school, "Sapphire
+Bullets of Pure Love."
[isaac] Wally Pleasant! Someone else who's heard of Wally Pleasant! Ruprecht,
+you have taste!
[MrKlaw1] what is SF John??
[kismet] Who is Bill?
[Tmbg345] Have you quit using AOL?
[Matt1] SF= San Fran?
[MrKlaw1] Bill is a god...
[MONOflans] kismet: Nothing I know of, just a tape. I think they are no
[eliza] LAS VEGAS???? JOHN???!!!
[MONOflans] MrKlaw 1: San Fran man
[Ruprecht1] where are you isaac?
[MrKlaw1] thankss
[kismet] Thanks, John. Is "Devil" an old song, then?
[RobNg] I'm not getting sick of you or anything, but how long qare you here?
[MONOflans] irc: Most cool
[eliza] Issac is resting!
[Matt1] Flans: have you begun thinking about Hello '97 stuff?
[MONOflans] Questions??? ] Flans: You're great.. Thanks for doing this.. I gotta go though... :-
[Seta] John, how come they don't sell Mono Puff Cd's where i live? i won mine
+from Rykodisc :) :)
[isaac] Isaac never sleeps.
[Seta] me either isaac :) ] Flans: Looking forward to Pointfest... :-]
[kismet] John, did you guys enjoy doing the Brooklyn show in Prospect Park
+last summer? Why aren't you doing another one this year?
[Tmbg345] When is the Candy Butchers HELLO disc due out?
[MrKlaw1] Can I direct a video for you John? I have a film degree.longer
+with us, although members are in other bands
[Ruprecht1] I went to his show yesterday
[MONOflans] Matt 1: not really. W have to sort out the rest of the year. We're
+once again about to miss a bunch of deadlines
[ninja-bob] monoflans: what's up with the sticker with the devil ep?
[Harlequin] Flans: Are you getting a lot of freedom with Elektra now? I hear
+they've canceled/delayed SF. Do you get a lot of say in what you do and
+release, or do they tell you what to do?
[irc] I didn't win a Monopuff CD from Rykodisc :( I tried though.
[Ruprecht1] Isaac, where are you from?
[Tmbg345] when is the Gangsta Pat HELLO cd due out?
*** ElChavo (MrK...@ has joined channel #lounge
[Harlequin] PS. I love the sticker!
[MONOflans] eliza: I'll be at the black jack table with a big cigar
[eliza] You don't understand I have the perfect travelling companion for you!
[isaac] Tallahassee, FL. I don't think Wally has ever come down here.
[Ruprecht1] Shoot some one and tell everyone your from detroit...
[ninja-bob] what's the elektra web site??
[Matt1] MonoFlans: I have yet to wash the signed Monopuff shirt you signeD!
[banshee1] MONOflans: what made you guys sell FEZ's during the Flood tour...i
+loved them..!
[Ruprecht1] I live in Wallyland...
[eliza] No Hat?
[Matt1] that i'm wearing
[Ruprecht1] Lansing Michigan
[Tmbg345] How much did the FEZ's go for?
[Matt1] I liked the $10 price of shirts btw
[eliza] I'll tell my friend!!
[MONOflans] Well everybody, I got to get to my Soul Coughing video edit
[kismet] Does Linnell plan on continuing "State Songs"?
[etherboy] Flans: Have you ever done drugs (besides caffine)?
[Ruprecht1] how did you hear about Wally?
[banshee1] i think i bought my fez for 20.00
[Matt1] see ya later Flans, have fun with Soul Coughing
[isaac] Oh, that explains it then. Well, if you get the chance, tell him he
+has fans in Tallahassee FL and should come here.
[RobNg] You best not be leaving
[MrKlaw1] Bye John! You have been more than generous. * Seta thinks John is TOTALLY ROCKIN :) ] Flans: Thanks... It was great!!!
[MONOflans] etherboy: Personal
[eliza] Are you leaving us then John??
[etherboy] BYE BYE FLANS
[Tmbg345] See ya John!
[MrKlaw1] We love you in Canada, please come see us soon.
[ElChavo] u rule john
[isaac] Flans: how do you edit? video or film?
[etherboy] WE LOVE YA!
[ninja-bob] byebye - this has been great!
[kismet] Thank you so much for talking with us, really. What a treat you are!
[Ruprecht1] bye FLans!
[irc] Bye! Thank you so much!
[banshee1] thanks john
[destin] Thank you for answering all our fast, disorganized questions....
[Harlequin] Thanks so much John!
[PopinFrsh] Thanks for talking with us. bye.
[banshee1] bye
[RobNg] Thanks
[irc] I can't wait to see you in concert again...
[Seta] Thanks john!!!!!
[Tmbg345] Thanks for coming....stay on AOL!
[Matt1] right on destin!
[irc] :)
[Ruprecht1] Have Fun John!
[ninja-bob] come visit us in ohio!!
[kismet] Keep your necktie out of the editing machine, won't you?
[Ruprecht1] thanks!
[etherboy] This was incredibly nice of u to do flans
[eliza] Take care then, and have fun at the black jack tables!! See Ya!!
[Seta] come to Ithaca and i'll come see u !!!!
[MrKlaw1] John, i meant what I said let me know :)
[irc] Good luck with monopuff and TMBG and your videos
[kismet] Say "Hi" to Linnell for us! * Whizard will post transcript later tonight at
[Tmbg345] I'll be seeing you on Aug.16!
[kismet] This was great. Thanks, John.
[eliza] Seta: Do you live in Ithaca??
[isaac] Yow! A tie in a flatbed! Dangerous...
[Seta] ithaca is an hour from me
[kismet] Exactly my point.
[kismet] Bye, Johnny Boy. * Whizard can't wait till Sept 8!!
[Seta] U rule John!!!
[Ruprecht1] Bye John
[Ruprecht1] this was great
[Ruprecht1] so much better than aol
[isaac] Indeed.
[MrKlaw1] bye john
[Harlequin] Eliza, Seta: Come to the next Rochester show. Maybe I'll see you
[kismet] Yeah, you deserve to wear that crown ring on your finger--you're the
[Seta] im going to albany!!!!!!! to see tmbg :) :) :)
[Seta] okay harlequin :)
[RobNg] Maybe he's just soaking up our appreciation
[Matt1] bye Dr. Kildaire
[eliza] Come visit NYC Seta!!
[Ruprecht1] Come to Michigan, John
[MrKlaw1] mike sez: So, John does not mind bootlegs.
[RobNg] Damn I forgot a question!
[kismet] It must be nice to be so adored, eh?
[Harlequin] MrKlaw1: Cool.
[Seta] :)
[eliza] Bye eveyone !!!
[MrKlaw1] mike sez: Yeah, cool...
[irc] Later, Karen :)
[kismet] Bye, eliza!
[Seta] byebye eliza
[Tmbg345] later!
[isaac] What are you talking about kismet, I am so adored. :)
[destin] Bye... see you in the Factory Showroom. :)