Website of the Week: They Might Be Giants

CMJ, December 2, 1996
by Douglas Wolk

A lot of bands have set up their own web sites (we also recommend Everything But The Girl's, at, and the long-running and frequently updated Poster Children site, at, but few are quite as slick-looking as this hyper-designed beauty. (But what else would you expect from They Might Be Giants?) It's got all the information you'd ever need, a catalogue of Giants products, updates on what the band's members are doing collectively and separately, and an enormous (and pretty funny) FAQ file. Besides tour dates, the available data here includes a list of anagrams of the band's name ("The Big Steamy Thing") and a photo album. Coming soon: sound clips -- perhaps the online equivalent of the band's still-running "Dial-A-Song" service -- and a "TMBG satellite surveillance system." We're scared already.