5 Questions With DC Urban Dad

DC Urban Dad, September 21, 2010

DC Urban Dad is like most D-list bloggers out there in the world. I get my fair share of product or promotional pitches each month. Most of the time its in the format of some crappy press release with the opportunity to talk about some crappy product that I really could give a crap about. Then there are the rare occassions when I get to interview someone really cool, get behind something I believe in, or review a kick ass book, or even test out some cool new product that I get to give away.

I had one of these moments last week when I got an email from John Flansburgh.

Yes, that's right folks, an actual email from John Flansburgh. You know the They Might Be Giants John Flansburgh. You know.....

Yeah I was pretty shocked too and still am. You see TMBG are gonna be in DC in a few weeks. They are doing an all ages show free concert at the Kennedy Center on Saturday, Oct. 2 at 6pm. So if you are in town you should join in on the fun. The Mini-Kamp and I will be rocking the house. Come on down.

Now before John headed off he was nice enough to sit for a 5 Questions With DC Urban Dad. Here it goes and don't forget Saturday the 2nd of October, you, me, the Mini-Kamp, 4000 of our closest friends and TMBG.....

1) What's your favorite time of the day and why?

In my decrepitude I am surprised to find myself become a morning person, working at the crack of dawn before I start feeling self-concious. As a novelist once said it's good to work "before the editor wakes up."

2) If you had to sum up your life to date in 3 words what would they be?

Rock, rinse, repeat.

3) Best advice you ever received?

That's a good question, but I can't say I have a ready answer. We have gotten so much bad advice and odd advice over the years--I think some more professionally-minded music folk felt like we needed saving from ourselves, but being 25 years into it and, by casual observation, about a thousand times happier than your average "Behind the Music" subject I can't say we've done badly. I had a guitar teacher who said there isn't a gig in New York City that isn't worth doing. I'm not sure that is really true--we've certain played some odd places--but for a musicia getting out into the world in an uncalculated way is probably smart.

4) What if anything do you never leave the house without?

The big three: keys, phone, wallet.

5) What's on your favorite playlist?

Blossom Dearie and Sir Jablonsky.