Hear This: "Careful What You Pack"

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, July 10, 2015

The song starts, "The know the unknown and the under-known..." This week's "Hear This" is a really special one.

Well, They Might Be Giants is probably the most known, unknown, under-known band ever. I mean, people of my generation certainly know-know them, but even though they have churned out a ton of music since their start in the mid eighties, some music fans have still yet to experience the genuine joy of the Giants. They're always touring, inventing, and teaching us cool things--about science, love, puppetry--through their music. You name it, and I bet they have a song about it. TMBG is kind of the best band to know.

Today's track, "Careful What You Pack," was originally written for the animated feature Coraline a few years back, but ended up on their 2007 record The Else.

The song is haunting, and John Flansburgh's voice is sweet and fragile.

I moved a ton growing up and for me, this song poetically captures the fear and sadness of moving to a new town and leaving your old home. What to bring with you; what to leave behind. It's important stuff wrapped up in a beautifully cool song.

You must hear this!!