This animated stop motion music video for They Might Be Giants is made entirely out of embroidery

Hiné Mizushima's amazing video for Lake Monsters was made using using traditional Japanese embroidery.

Digital Arts, September 25, 2018
by Giacomo Lee

Do you know the Loch Ness monster? OK, how about King Snail, or Octopus Maximus? These are just two of the fantastic beasts featured in a charmingly funny and totally hand-embroidered music video from They Might Be Giants, the masterminds behind the Malcolm in the Middle theme (and a whole host of quality albums since the '80s).

The animated video for their single Lake Monsters is a field spotter's guide to underwater sea creatures as imagined by Vancouver-based artist Hiné Mizushima, who stitched everything you see in the video and GIFs below using a traditional embroidery method originating from the north of Japan.

Each quirky monster comes with a droll guide to its size and powers - we particularly like the caption that reads 'Breathes fire (even under water)' - and the timing of the stop-motion video is nicely paced so you don't miss the equally droll political subtext of the song's lyrics.

The process behind the craft of the video is laid out on Hiné's Behance page, and you can find the entire selection of Lake Monsters GIFs here.

We recommend checking out the rest of Hiné's work while you're there as he's got a fantastic portfolio of felt sculptures, mostly with an aquatic theme.

You should also check out Hiné's previous work for They Might Be Giants with the 2010 video for Why Does the Sun Shine?