Nanobots EP by They Might Be Giants

Speaker Creature, February 2, 2013
by Kevin Kelsey

They Might Be Giants Sweet 16...conjures up some interesting images. Nanobots will mark the 16th full length release by They Might Be Giants. The LP is scheduled to hit the streets on March 5th, but the EP, with the same title was released on January 22nd and is a tantalizing three-song sampler of what the collective Johns (Flansburgh and Linnell) will be serving up next month. Linnell has such a distinctive delivery. No mistaking him for any other know immediately who you are hearing.

"Call You Mom" starts us off. This track is bouncy and driving, with piano, drums and horns paving the way for our slightly Oedipal lyrics which are at times dark without going in a creepy or disturbing direction.

Next up is "Lost My Mind", which I think is something we can all relate to at one time or another, or for some, most of the time. Their trademark quirk and clever wordplay is in full force here and the music fits perfectly with the mental hide and seek imagery.

We close with "Black Ops", a cautionary tale on the ravages of combat. Slow and foreboding, it builds with some excellent flanged out guitar work by Flansburgh and some well-placed stop/starts near the end. TMBG always put out interesting and intelligent material and the masters of geek-cool don't disappoint with this offering. If this appetizer is indicative of the rest of Nanobots, we're all in for a very tasty treat. Bon appétit!