Eagerly-awaited album 'Why?' from They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants have returned to the music scene with a second album for 2015, titled 'Why?', which is set to be released on 27 November by Lojinx.

Never Enough Notes, November 22, 2015
by Laura Hindley

The eagerly-awaited record comes to adults and children alike in the wake of the duo's success a few years ago, following their Grammy-winning 'Here Come the 123s' and the Grammy-nominated 'Here Comes Science'.

Mashing music and learning together is a forte for They Might Be Giants and 'Why?' is no exception to the rule. Don't be fooled into thinking the record is just for kids, however, as the album begins with a head-bopping, resonant track called 'Oh You Did'. The first line of the song chimes:

"Don't accidentally do things you'll later regret. Oh no, you did." p>If only David Cameron had listened to this track before going to THAT party at Oxford where he began devising his long term economic ham, the past few months could have been very different for him. I'm really quite positive this is a life lesson that everybody could learn from (self-restraint, not the pig); whether it's drunkenly texting an ex Adele song lyrics while eating a block of cheese to numb the pain to staying up late to Netflix and Chill before an important University exam...we've all been there!

Our favourite track on the album is 'And Mom And Kid' because it celebrates marriage equality. With so much hate and violence in the world, this is a single that both parents and children can appreciate together. The song even contains some festive-sounding bells, which is great for those long journeys this Christmas if you want to avoid the inevitable "Are we nearly there yet?" on repeat a thousand times.

Catchy tunes such as 'I Am Invisible' take you back to your childhood when your hungry little mind questioned anything and everything, with the even catchier 'I Made A Mess' carrying the pop charm of the record while simultaneously making you laugh.

In fact, the whole album really does make you chuckle because each song is both relatable and, bizarrely, very enjoyable. We defy you to listen to 'Why?' all the way through without humming along and tapping your toes.

'Why?' is the perfect stocking filler for your little one this December because lessons in morality have never been more fun. In fact, we think we should post these to a few select individuals...*cough* Katie Hopkins *cough*