They Might By Giants at Belly Up Tavern - 3.27.16, April 2, 2016
by Joe Cortez, Jr.

Few bands are as ceaselessly inventive and endlessly fun as New York's prolific They Might Be Giants. The core duo of John(s) Linnell and Flansburgh seem to enjoy themselves on stage just as much as their dedicated fanbase does so it was no surprise that the band's fans eagerly decided to spend Easter Sunday with TMBG as they played Solana Beach's cozy Belly Up Tavern on Sunday, March 27 in support of the band's new album released on the pay what you like plan, Phone Power (available now via

Having played the Belly Up about a year ago, the band decided to change this up this night by playing songs that haven't gotten the live treatment in awhile, performing two full sets and an encore filled with b-sides, fan favorites and yes, the Destiny's Child cover "Bills, Bills, Bills." It's a credit to the band's influence over their fans that Flansburgh's demand that "Everybody conga" was obliged by about 30 fans in the crowd who managed to snake their way through the packed Belly Up dance floor, making for one of the more memorable moments of a very special night.