They Might Be Giants at the Vic Theatre, 3/17/18

Grateful Web, March 17, 2018

It's hard to imaging that They Might Be Giants have been together for 30 plus years. But this sold Chicago show, one of many sold out concerts on their tour, proved a die-hard interest continues on.

At the helm, the brooklyn-based and founding duo of John Linnell and John Flansburg, peppered the show with conversational banter between songs as if each fan in the house was a personal friend. They waxed on humorously about their career, navigating Chicago on St. Patrick's Day, how they forge on with the purpose of actaully selling their music through non-existiant digital music stores, and more. Joined by their band:  Dan Miller - guitar/keyboards, Danny Weinkauf - bass guitar, and Marty Beller - drums, they produced a big sound way beyond their humble origins of two guys, a beatbox and their 'dial-a-song' answering service.

Known for their smart, quirky lyrics, non-traditional style of hit songs, and somehow making accordian hip ahead of the hipster curve, they gave everyone their money's worth and more. The nine pm, two set show, carried on until 11:30 pm, including coming back out for three encores. MIxing up their sets with favorite hits "Palindrome", and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)", they also played several tracks from their new release "I Like Fun" opening with "Let's Get This Over With", "This Microphone", "I Left My Body", and "Mrs. Bluebeard". The encores capped off with hits "Don't Let's Start", "Particle Man", and "Birdhouse In Your Soul".

The audience was comprised of both older fans from their early days, and younger, new fans. Either case a sizable portion of the crowd knew every lyric to each song, demonstrated devout loyalty, enthusiastically cheering, and waving their just-purchased vinyl of "I Like Fun" in a jesture of love and support.