John Andrews donated the Mundanes pictures.

Andy donated some of the Mundanes mp3s.

Ant donated super-ridiculously-high-res scans of various pictures. He took the 11/11/09, 7/30/11, 11/2/13 pictures and some of the 11/10/11, 6/12/13, 6/13/13, 5/7/15, 5/8/15, 11/29/15, 3/8/18, and 10/16/18 pictures. He also hosts some things, helped set up the built-in Cowtown program, and provided a lot of the FLAC boots and the great demo tape rips.

Apollo took the 7/20/11, 4/21/12, and 4/16/13 pictures and donated some other things.

Bob donated a bunch of the Mundanes mp3s.

Andy took some of the 5/11/02 pictures.

Aubrey took the 2/3/18 instore pictures and some of the pictures from the show that night, and also recorded the bootleg of the show.

Austin took the 6/2/17 pictures.

Brett took some of the 6/19/02 pictures.

CapitalQ donated some radio appearances and Stumpbox II.

Darrell recorded the 2/2/92 show and took the 8/25/94 pictures.

Dave took some of the 11/11/02 pictures.

Jonathan Ewald donated the '00/'01 crew pictures.

Kevin took some of the 7/26/02 and 7/28/02 pictures.

Kristen donated some of the boots.

Michael took some of the 5/25/02 and 6/19/02 pictures.

Peter G. recorded, ripped, and hosts a lot of the bootlegs. Find more at his Tumblr.

Rachael took the 6/11/02 pictures.

Scratch took the 6/14/02 and 6/20/02 pictures.

Jordan, Sylvan, Jason, Kaylum, Laura, Kim, Valerie, Eddie, Shannon, Joey, Kelly, Magz, J2, Ramsey, Stanley, and Jocelyn donated other random pictures and articles and mp3s.

Some magazine photos are from the tmbg_daily LiveJournal community.

Show posters, some articles, and a few other things are from This Might Be A Wiki.

A bunch of the magazine photos and interviews are totally stolen from the late, great "No Others Need Apply" site.

Some of the interview mp3s are from the also wonderful, also defunct Twistid site.

Some of the magazine photos and articles are from the ever-wonderful Tabloid Footprints Flickr.

If you gave me something and you're not here, it's because I forgot where I got it from. Let me know and it will be corrected.