[This is just for questions about me/the site. Those in search of a general TMBG FAQ are advised to look elsewhere.]

What's your name?
I am Quinn. Hello. *waves*

What do you have against Flans?
Absolutely nothing. Flans is a talented, funny, sweet guy, and I have a tremendous amount of affection and respect for him. I just don't happen to be in love with him.

What do you like so much about John?
Everything. However, for the more curious among you, here is an itemized list.

How did you get into TMBG?
You can read all about that here.

Did you know that [some part of the site] isn't working?
Probably not. Tell me and get a cookie.

Why don't you have mp3's of demos/TMBG Unlimited/etc up?
Unfortunately, I don't believe TMBG would want that kind of stuff up for download. However, I do post tons and tons of rare mp3's on my TMBG Tumblr.

I took some pictures at a show/have some mp3s of radio stuff/etc. Can you host them for me?
Sure. Send them along with the name you want to be credited under and I will have them up with the next update.

Why do you have a separate collection of icons of John in glasses?
Because John in glasses is a whole other superhuman level of hotness and should be treated accordingly.

Can I use something from your site on my site?
I'd really rather that you just linked here, but I might be willing to make exceptions in special circumstances. Ask me.

How can I get in touch with you?
You are welcome to e-mail me, or you can contact me on AIM @ typewrittengirl or on Yahoo Messenger @ nightmareperson5.