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Radio Appearances

They Might Be Giants
John Linnell
John Flansburgh


Power of Dial-A-Song
Power of Dial-A-Song II
High-quality Dial-A-Song recordings made directly over the phoneline circa 1989
High-quality Dial-A-Song recordings made with a modem in 2000
Miscellaneous Dial-A-Song


Demo Tapes and more rips, including '84 Promotional Demo Tape #1, '85 Promotional Demo Tape #1, '85 Promotional Demo Tape #3, '85 Demo Tape, plus a demo by TMBG collaborator Joshua Fried and How to Master Time Organization, the source of the sample in the bridge of "Snowball in Hell"
Don't I Have the Right? (Watchface demo)
Plain as the Lie on Your Lips (Watchface demo)




Podcasts, broken into individual tracks

Soundtracks, Commercials, and Theme Songs

100 Cars for Good
120 Minutes Theme
Adventure Club Sweeper
Amazing Vacation Homes Theme
Back in Black
Camp Campingston URGR8
Crystal Cave
Darlin' Allison
Doh Doh Island
Kids Took Over (original from HBO show)
Leonard Lopate Show Theme
Rabbit Troop Sucks
Right Before Showtime
Robot Design
Severe Tire Damage Commercial
Share a Story
The Sims 2 FreeTime Theme
Take Out the Trash (Simlish)
Theme for
There's a Light Coming Out of My Head


"The Dystopianist, Thinking of His Rival, is Interrupted by a Knock at the Door" (John Linnell reading a story for Jonathan Lethem audiobook)
People Are Wrong! (including commercially-released sampler, bootleg of the cast opening for TMBG on 2002-08-15 in New York, and a few other miscellaneous songs)
Acoutic "Ana Ng"