ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm now in the process of uploading my complete bootleg collection to this site permanently. I'll be uploading new ones every week, on Saturday. You can see the ones that have already been uploaded here. If there's a show I haven't uploaded yet that you want NOW NOW NOW, e-mail me and I'll include it in the next update.
1997-03-21 Melbourne, Australia
2000-04-27 New York, NY
2001-09-10 New York, NY (instore)
2001-10-30 Boston, MA
2001-10-31 Washington, DC (with Sapphire Bullets)
2001-11-04 Northampton, MA
2001-11-16 New York, NY
2002-07-21 Seattle, WA (kids' show)
2002-07-26 Los Angeles, CA
2002-08-15 New York, NY
2003-02-14 New York, NY
2003-04-04 New Haven, CT
2003-05-22 New York, NY
2006-08-25 Chicago, IL
2006-12-16 New York, NY (early show) (kids' show)
2020-01-10 Pawling, NY