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Does Size Matter?: Nineteen Questions They Might Be Giants Are Waiting to Hear, Spin, 1988 (by The Johns)
My Fake ID, CMJ, 1994 (by John Flansburgh)
They Might Be Giants' John Linnell Rates a Bunch of New Records, Unknown source, 1996 (by John Linnell)
Our Roadies, Ourselves, Guitar World, 1997 (by John Flansburgh)
They Might Be Nearsighted, The New York Times, 1998 (by John Linnell)
In My Room, CMJ, November 2001 (by John Flansburgh)
Passed/Failed: I Marched to My Own Beat, The Independent, 2005 (by John Linnell)
Instruments by Blue Man Group Leave a Pro Cold, But His Kid in Raptures, International Design, 2006 (by John Linnell)
They Might Be Giants: Countrypolitan, I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen with Your Favorite Bands, 2007 (by John Flansburgh)
TMBG's Top 10 List of Unsung and Underappreciated Gear, Electronic Musician, 2008 (by The Johns)
He Might Be Giant, but He Knows Children's Music, New York Times, 2008 (by John Flansburgh)
How I Spent My Summer Vacation, New York Press, 2008 (by John Linnell)
John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants On Turning 50, Writing Jingles, The Badassness of Elvis Costello, And The Theory That Most Bands Have Only One Good Album, The Village Voice, 2010 (by John Flansburgh)
Questions Like This Justify the Aimless Afternoons Staring at the Ceiling, Impose Magazine, 2011 (by John Linnell)
Under the Influence: They Might Be Giants, Join Us, Stereogum, 2011 (by John Flansburgh)
John Linnell, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought? Nippertown, 2011 (by John Linnell)
Music Playlist Series: They Might Be Giants, NOLA Defender, 2012 (by John Flansburgh)
They Might Be Giants' John Linnell Doesn't Know What to Eat When His Wife Leaves Town, New York, 2013 (by John Linnell)
The New York City of They Might Be Giants, The Village Voice, 2013 (by The Johns)
1 2 3 4: Goodbye Tommy Ramone, Slate, 2014 (by John Flansburgh)
Tour Essentials: 10 (More!) Bands on What They Won't Leave Home Without, Paste, 2015 (by John Flansburgh)
Escape to the Catskills, Tasting Table, 2015 (by John Flansburgh)
Till death do thee part: Musicians and their favorite instruments,, 2016 (by John Flansburgh)
10 Fake Things I Love (by John Flansburgh)
Wanted/Needed/Loved: John Linnell's Sentimental Nimslo, The Rumpus, 2018 (by John Linnell)
Justin Tranter, Lil Jon, Brandi Carlile, YBN Cordae, Tom Morello & More: 'I'm Voting Because...', Billboard, 2018 (by John Flansburgh)
They Might Be Giants Take Us Through Their Four-decade History, The Music, 2019 (by John Flansburgh)

John Linnell's Camera Blog

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