December 2 New mp3: "Summer Breeze." Some of the interview mp3's are down until I can get more space, but the TV appearance screencaps are finally up. Also updated the FAQ and finished giving the photo galleries a new, uniform layout.

November 15/16 Going to be having a new mp3 every other Monday. Up now is the Dial-A-Song version of "4 of 2." Fixed the UBRadio mp3's.

November 3 In an attempt to get back on track with the mp3 of the fortnight, added "A Horse with No Name." Also added quotes and interview mp3's.

October 9 Added icons and updated the FAQ.

September 20 We are back! Added, uh, a whole bunch of stuff. Don't feel like listing it all. Look around.

January 19, 2004 New mp3 of the fortnight, the demo of "A Self Called Nowhere." Fixed the Mundanes photo and mp3 pages.

January 9, 2004 Happy new year! New mp3 of the fortnight,"What is Everyone Staring At."

December 6 New screenname. Fixed April 4, 2003,April 5, and April 6.