July 26 Added a whole bunch of screencaps, including 4/27/00 webcast, computer videos, and miscellaneous bootleg videos. Also added a page of videos, at the moment consisting of Qcam stuff that used to be on the official site. Also fixed all the photo pages to actually fill up the full screen.

July 23 Added 25 miscellaneous pictures and 15 miscellaneous live pictures, mostly snagged from Corbis (thanks to Lauren for help getting a few of these). Also added CD101 interview mp3's (thanks to Eddie).

June 6 I've been informed by Operator Dot that They don't want to have any Dial-A-Song or live stuff up, so unfortunately I've had to take that down, but in its place are a bunch of new interview and radio performance mp3's. If you have any more of these you'd like me to host please let me know.

May 20 Gigantic extras screencaps are finally back up. Also added 15 new miscellaneous pictures, including high-res promo photos from Mink Car and The Spine.

May 12, 2008 Back in business! Added 50 new pictures to the miscellaneous page. More updates coming soon!