December 4 Moved all the TV appearance screencaps to one page. They're listed alphabetically.

November 28 Happy Thanksgiving! Over 100 new pictures from the Pink show at the beginning of the month in New York (thanks to Ant for these). 113 new live pictures from this year and two new misc old ones. Three new radio appearances. Five new articles. Updated the links page a bit. Annnnnnnnd, Issue #7 of This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury is available now! All the issues are available on Etsy and I've just listed a bunch of TMBG buttons there too.

November 4 Long-overdue and BIG update for y'all today! Over 400 pictures from some shows I just went to: 10/25 in Tempe, 10/26 in LA (kids' show), and 10/26 in LA (Pink show!). Ten new live pix from 2009 and eighty-one from this year. 26 new candids. There are ten new articles, and there are some improvements to that section: Articles uploaded since the last update are now marked with a "new" graphic (many thanks to Miss Apollo for designing this), and article titles are now listed on the page as well.

June 16 Pictures from three shows a few nights ago: Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. 11 new or improved promo pictures. Six new articles.

May 27 Screencaps from an appearance on Jimmy Fallon three nights ago.

May 1 New issue of my TMBG zine! New 1989 show from Munich! Pictures by Apollo from an instore in Brooklyn! 30 other live pictures from this year! Five new articles!

March 18 It has come to my attention that I accidentally didn't upload the updated HTML with the new radio appearances--sorry about that. It's fixed now--the appearances are The Brian Lehrer Show from a few weeks ago and World Cafe from 2001.

March 16 Big update today! 385 new live pictures from a four-show trip I just went on, plus sixteen new articles and two new radio appearances. There's also been an update to the Cowtown page with info on chat clients it'll actually work with.

February 5 Screencaps from four more online videos are up, which is the last of those for now. There's ten new articles, seven new candid pictures, and nineteen new live ones from last year. And finally, webcasts are now .avi, because who the fuck uses .rm anymore?

January 26 New issue of my TMBG zine now available. Also: Screencaps from four new online videos and five new articles.

January 1, 2013 Happy New Year! 345 pictures from the three-show stand TMBG just did in Brooklyn now up.