July 9 There's been a bonus interview released from the Ask Me Another appearance so there's a new version of the zip with that. Also, realized that the vertical live pictures I've taken with the digital camera I've had for the last few years were showing up sideways when downloaded so that's fixed now.

June 29 There are now some TV appearances (which Youtube won't let be uploaded for copyright reasons) listed on the video page (kindly hosted by Mr. Ant). A new radio appearances, 33 new promo pictures, and tons of new icons. And finally, there has been a bit of housekeeping around here, like changing the imagemaps to make them more Flanserrific! Yay!

February 10, 2014 First update of 2014 and I'm please to report it contains something very exciting. I've gone ahead and uploaded all the Dial-A-Song stuff I have--Power of Dial-A-Song I and II and then all the other miscellaneous stuff, so rush right over to the mp3's page for that! There's also one more radio appearance from last year listed there, plus 17 new candid pix.