November 9 Five new boots! Get 'em while they're hot! October 19 Apologies for slacking on the boots lately, y'all--just been busy busy busy. Still am, but here are five new ones cos I love y'all!

September 14 Submitted for your approval: nine new bootlegs (FYI bootlegs have been spun off onto their own page because the list is starting to get long enough that I think it's just getting unwieldy when they're included on the regular mp3s page), plus a recording of a portion of a 1988 show which, though the show was performed in Austin, was for some reason broadcast on Italian radio.

September 6 WELL, this is offically the biggest, most exciting update I have ever done! I have SO MUCH STUFF for y'all! I just moved this here site over to a new host, and it's gonna be a lot cheaper meaning I can easily have a lot more space, so I decided to celebrate by uploading a metric ton of stuff. To start with, there's a whopping 65 new bootlegs, plus five new radio appearances and a whole bunch of shockingly high-quality old Dial-A-Song recordings. Then as if that weren't enough PICTURES PICTURES SO MANY PICTURES, over 900 all together, including new promo pictures and candids, one new Mundanes picture, and bunches and bunches of new live pictures. I actually have a ton more stuff that still needs to be uploaded too, but I suppose this is enough for now! (Also, do take note of the fact that the directory for this page is now

August 3 Ten new bootlegs now up, plus all the People Are Wrong! stuff I have! Check it totally out!

July 20, 2018 BIG EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now going to have my vast bootleg collection uploaded in its entirety. I'll be uploading it gradually, ten new boots at a time on Fridays. Check out the first batch here! Also, nine other new radio appearances uploaded. Also, the Mundanes mp3s page has apparently been broken for awhile and no one bothered to tell me, GEEZ, sorry about that y'all--it's now fixed. Plus there are SIX new photos on the photo page!