September 10 The big updates just keep coming! Over 550 new live pictures up now!

September 9 Phase Two of the big reorganizational project is done! I did a similar splitting up of the promo pictures page into decades and ones of the band and each of the Johns solo (well, "solo" except for a few very cute + Robin ones in the Flans section). There are 28 new and improved ones in there too!

September 8 First phase of a massive and long-planned site overhaul up today! I've broken the candids and events page down into individual sections by type, which should make it way less unwieldy and easier for y'all to find stuff. 125 new or better-quality pictures thrown in for good measure too! And speaking of making things less massive and unwieldy, I also moved the previous updates to yearly archived sections. More reorganizational stuff to come soon.

June 26 Today I have four new bootlegs for y'all. This is the last of my regularly scheduled weekly bootleg posts, for the simple reason that I am all out of boots! This is my entire collection! I'm sure I'll find more stuff in the future here and there, and when I do I'll upload it, but this is it for now, folks. As always, if you have recordings of your own that are not already up and you would like to contribute, please do let me know.

June 20 Today: Two new boots, including one of the all-time best shows I've personally attended, from Halloween 2001 with Sapphire Bullets opening. Enjoy!

June 12 I understand it's a certain accordion player's birthday today, and in celebration of that I have a HUGE update for y'all. The usual weekly boot update is coming a day early, three of 'em, and besides that there are 25 new articles and over 800 new pictures! Enjoy! Celebrate! Happy birthday John!

June 6 Today brings three new boots!

May 30 Two new boots!

May 23 Three new boots today!

May 16 Today: bunches of new stuff! Two new bootlegs, three new radio appearances, and ten new articles. Enjoy!

May 9 A couple of new boots for y'all today, including Dr. Spock's Back-Up Band, "the only known factory-pressed silver CD bootleg of TMBG material." I also did an update to the main mp3s page similar to the one I did with the articles page a few weeks ago, splitting some of it off into separate sections which will hopefully make it easier to navigate. Enjoy!

May 2 Today I have for y'all a couple of new boots and also some new live pictures: 35 from 2010 and 36 from 2011. Enjoy!

April 25 A couple of new boots ready for y'all today!

April 18 Today: three new boots, and also per my pal Ant's suggestion I've subdivided the articles page (which was getting quite unwieldy, it's true) into separate sections by article type. Enjoy!

April 11 Three new bootlegs for y'all today!

April 4 Just one new bootleg today, but there's also 25 new candid photos.

March 28 Here's what I have for y'all today: two new bootlegs, ten new articles, and 75 new live pictures (15 from 2003, seventeen from 2015, and 43 from 2016). Enjoy!

March 21 Today, four new boots for y'all! Enjoy!

March 14 Four new boots for y'all today!

March 7 Lots of exciting stuff in today's update! First of all, there are three new boots (mp3 only from now on, I've decided to no longer do the FLAC uploads). I'm also pleased to present y'all with 57 new candid photos and 10 new articles. I also finally did a massive overhaul to the organization of the articles index page that I've been wanting to do for some time, in which I moved the articles that consist in large part of direct quotations from one or both Johns but also have other content written by the author to the respective "Interviews with [Johns/JL/JF]" sections. I'd previously only filed things in those sections that were in a strict Q&A format, but I decided awhile ago that that didn't really make much sense, and was just putting off moving everything because I expected it to be a massive project. Which indeed it was and it took me the better part of the night to accomplish, but now it's finally done so yay!

February 29 Happy Leap Day! Today I have five new boots for y'all--three brand-new, two new-to-FLAC. Enjoy!

February 22 Another particularly exciting update for y'all today! In addition to the usual weekly batch of bootlegs (three brand-new, one new-to-FLAC), I'm pleased to be able to present a slew of new live pictures, including my own from the three (awesome!) shows I just attended plus over 50 older ones gathered from around the internets. Dig!

February 15 New boots new boots new boots! Two brand-new, three new-to-FLAC. Enjoy!

February 1 Another big exciting update for y'all today! In addition to five new boots, there are over 150 new live pictures, including 37 from 2001, 19 from 2009, and 106 from 2013. And last but certainly not least, I'm excited to announce that the Cowtown page now has a built-in program that one can use to join the chat without downloading an IRC client, so I hope more of y'all will now be able to join us! Thanks to the ever-reliable Ant for helping me get this up and running.

January 25 Saturday means new boots! Three brand-new, one new-to-FLAC. Enjoy!

January 18 Here's what I have for y'all today: some new boots of course (five brand-new, two new-to-FLAC). I discovered that some pictures mysteriously disappeared from the promo section--I have no idea how that happened, but it should be all fixed now. There are also eight brand-new ones, but unfortunately the way I had to fix the missing ones (with copying things over from my personal collection) broke my album-making program's ability to recognize which ones were actually new, so they're not marked this time--sorry about that. Some new live pictures too! There's the first batch from 2020 (42), and some from 1988 (12). Enjoy!

January 11 Exciting update for y'all today! In addition to the usual piping-hot new boots (five new, three new-to-FLAC), I have 10 new articles for y'all! Also, it has come to my attention that people aren't always noticing the little graphics I use to indicate which things are the new ones in each update, so I now have that noted at the top of each page of stuff--I want to make sure people are aware of it for easier site navigation and making sure y'all don't miss out on any of the awesome new stuff I'm putting up! But the system only works if you're staying on top of the updates, because the graphics only last until the next update I do (update to each specific section, that is, in other words if I for instance upload more new boots next week but not any new articles, the "new" markers will change on the boots page but remain the same on the articles one until whenever I do get around to updating it).

January 4, 2020 Happy 2020, kids! Sorry about the lack of new boots the past couple of weeks--was doing some holiday traveling. Today I have three brand-new and two new-to-FLAC ones for y'all. I also added a newly-discovered bit of a soundcheck recording to the mp3 version of the 8/28/04 show. Enjoy!