November 12 Happy BOOK Day! Here's a big update to celebrate! Today we've got 30 new articles, over 250 new pictures, and 6 new audio interviews. Huzzah!

September 10 A big update in honor of the 20th anniversary of my very first show! 50 new articles, 175 new live pictures! Enjoy!

June 12 It's John Linnell's 62nd birthday and we're celebrating with a big site update! 45 new articles, 425 new pictures, 15 new radio appearances! Huzzah!

February 22 Howdy and welcome to another exciting site update! Swell new stuff for y'all today includes a couple of new boots, 25 new articles, and 175 new pictures of all sorts (live, candid, and promo). Enjoy!

January 1, 2021 Happy new year! Let's start off 2021 with a big update, shall we? Today I've got over 400 new live pictures, 10 new promo pictures (special thanks to Ant for his swell scan work on some new 1980s prints I recently acquired), 20 new articles (I also finally got around to changing the redirects to go to the organized subpages, which will only minorly improve navigation but was an awful lot of work so uh there's that?), and 5 new bootlegs acquired since I finished uploading my entire collection of bootlegs. Enjoy!