November 10 KEXP interview from 2005. PLUS ten new articles. PLUS 21 new promo pix including better versions of this one, this one, this one,this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one,and this one. There are also 8 new TMBG-related stuff pix, including a darling take on the Apollo 18 cover by Izzy. I'd also like to direct your attention to my new TMBG Tumblr, where I'll be posting rare mp3's and pictures and other goodies, plus the ridiculous amount of John gushing you might expect. And I've made a few Facebook pages you might be interested in: there's one for Sapphire Bullets and one for Gigantic.

October 17 October 2's Kennedy Center webcast is now up (thanks to Ant for hosting this). Also the links page is FINALLY updated (it was only like 7 years out of date...) Oh, and there are five new articles.

September 25 Two new radio things: WERS appearance and John on the Lab Out Loud podcast. 17 new misc pix incluuuuuuding improvements on this one, this one, this one (yes we love you Ant), and this one. Also have better "Make It the Same" mp3's AND FLAC versions so big thanks to Ant for these as well.

August 7 52 new misc live pics and 17 new promo pics, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, and this one (big thanks to Ant for cleaning these up!)

August 2 Ok, all files should be restored now. If you find anything still amiss let me know. Sorry again.

July 30 I don't know what the fuck happened, but somehow almost all my files disappeared from my server. In the process of restoring things now and hopefully everything will be up and running again in just a few days. Sorry about that.

July 18 Ten new articles, and 3 new recent radio-y things: The Strand, Iain Lee interview with JL, and Backstage at Bonnaroo.

July 14 Fixed some broken article links and added 3 new radio things from the recent trip to England: Iain Lee, Jonathan Ross, and Robert Elms. Also updated the FAQ a bit.

June 27 Ten new articles up! (I told you it would be soon.)

June 26 Fixed links to articles. New ones coming very soon.

June 9 Fixed links to Studio 360 2003 and The End 1996, fixed Frank O'Toole titles to be canon, and did a couple of other mp3 cleanup things.

June 4 In the process of getting a tonnnnnnnn of articles up--10 new ones so far. Also 3 new radio thingers: Talk of the Nation 1998, Studio 360 2003, &
KDHX 2009.

May 31 Thrilled to have some new show pictures to share with you--Sasquatch Festival pictures now up. Apologies for the ones that are woefully out of focus, but there are some nice close-ups via the screens next to the stage. FIXED to not be sideways!

April 15 Today we have 43 new promo pictures, including a bunch more from the Gigantic premiere and the 2009 Grammys, 184 new misc live pictures, plus 3 new interviews from earlier this year.

April 13 66 new promo photo Windows icons, 131 new LJ TV appearance icons, and full show from 7/25/09!

April 11 Pleased to report the last of the Video Bootlegs caps are up. Plus, a full show from 6/20/88. Also, spiffy new TMBG-y backgrounds!

April 7 Been hard at work scouring the internets all night/day and have 175 new live pictures for you plus 10 new promo and stuff pictures. Also changed things to be a bit more colourful (and hopefully not eye-straining) and almost done fixing thumbnail pages to fill the whole page (thought I already did this?...)

April 4 128 new misc live pictures today, along with 15 new misc pictures, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one (thanks to Ant and Dayle for these).

April 1 Volume 3 caps!

March 27 Volume 2 caps! &, tangental TMBG stuff!

March 24 Added 89 new miscellaneous pictures, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one, plus better scans of the "Make It the Same" sleeve (thanks to Ant for a bunch of these fab high-res scans).

March 23 Miscellaneous live pictures section is in running shape again, with 155 pictures just added. There's some new radio stuff. Also have icons (including LiveJournal ones!) up and running again. And don't forget to find out about goin' down to Cowtown!

March 21 Video bootleg Volume 1 screencaps are up!

March 1 All mp3's are now organized, dated, and split into indivdual tracks!

February 24 Kevin Cole KEXP interview also got scrambled up somehow. Fixed. Also added missing "Au Contraire" and fixed "Violin" on Soundcheck 2003.

February 23 Eep, Jonathan Ross interviews were all scrambled up. 2001 and 2003 appearances are both now fixed.

February 22 In the process of fixing the tags and titles of mp3's. Some of them were in the wrong order, some of them didn't have the dates, etc. Also breaking down long files into individual songs which I should have done in the first place but I've been lazy. Keep an eye out.

February 15 Webcasts are back up! Added 6/28/02 Atlanta, GA! Also, trading bootlegs again! So, y'know, send me bootlegs!

February 12 28 new interviews and radio performances! 119 new miscellaneous pictures! Including better versions of the Electronic Musician and Gigantic background pictures, Corbis pictures without the watermarks, and a better version of this one. Finally updated the FAQ. Also new YouTube channel crammed full of TMBG goodness!

February 11 Much more high-quality and much much more plentiful Direct from Brooklyn caps now up!

December 30 New Gigantic screencaps! Clearer and six times as many!

December 12 Back in working order after the entire site was deleted (yeh, by an ex-boyfriend, lovely). Sorry about that.

November 24, 2009 Added 30 miscellaneous pictures, including some swell Grammy ones, 43 miscellaneous live pictures, The Frank O'Toole Show and another interview mp3, 9 webcasts, and a TON of new Mundanes mp3's.