December 5 Now up: 105 live pictures from various shows this year and a whole bunch of screencaps: ones from another 5 TV appearances, high-def ones from the "You Probably Get That a Lot" video, and ones from the new "Electronic Istanbul" video. 7 new articles too!

November 13 Appearance from KEXP annnnnnnnnd over 500 new live pictures from three shows last week!

October 30 New today: 740 screencaps from the HOTTEST THING TO EVER EXIST, aka the new video for "You Probably Get That a Lot." Also up: a Milwaukee radio appearance from Friday, an hour-long interview with Flans about techy stuff from May, and 29 new candid pix. I've also vastly updated the icons section--figured out a quick and easy way to make icons 64x64px so they'll look ok if you use larger ones, so all the old ones are now like that and there are a bunch of new ones too. There's a link to all my Livejournal icon posts there as well.

October 11 Happy They Day! Today, there's a new interview from All Things Considered as well as an interview with Flans from 2007. There's also 7 new articles and the first batch of screencaps from 2003 to 2010, 1,883 pictures in all!

October 2 Well, the day after I did the "Cloisonné" caps a high-def version was posted (guess that's what I get for trying to be timely). So, better versions of those up now. Also there's a radio appearance from Rochester on September 15. There's also a new section on the mp3 page of TV and radio themes and TV performances, with a few new things and more stuff to come soon. Also, ten new promo pictures, including better versions of a few of the new Join Us ones.

September 19 Caps from the "Cloisonné" video that came out today are here (how's that for a quick turnaround?). Also: Radio interviews from The Leonard Lopate Show and The Word, and 4 new articles.

August 10 Here today: FULL SHOW broadcast on Chicago's WXRT on August 2 (well, almost full show--there were 8 minutes of commercials), screencaps of the remainder of the appearances between 2000 and 2002, 6 new articles. Also you should check out my new tattoo!

July 23 Apollo has donated 48 pictures from a show at the Apple Store in Manhattan on Wednesday! We also have 35 new live pictures on the 2003-2006 page, and there are 5 new articles.

June 19 "Albany" and "Asbury Park" caps up now! Also added a performance of six tracks from WTUL in 1988.

May 31 New section of screencaps up now--official vids that aren't on Direct from Brooklyn. Currently up: "Boss of Me" and bonus stuff from Here Come the ABCs--over 1,200 pictures in all! Also, I have split up the former "miscellaneous" section into two, more managable pages: there is now one for promotional/magazine photos and one for candids (from radio appearances, signings, and such). Both of these have a few new ones, including the new Join Us promo pictures. And, there are 3 new articles.

April 17 New FULL SHOW today, a live broadcast from Bremen in 1989! 10 new misc pix up also, including more yearbook fun (with Flans this time) here and here, plus better versions of this, this, and this. And in housekeeping news, updated the bootlegs list--I have all my copies now (my external drive died on me a year ago and I just got my hard copies back so I'm able to trade again), and finished making the snazzy new layout pages for thumbnails.

March 10 Something very exciting to share with you today! BlueCanary has sent over some pictures from the 1977 Lincoln-Sudbury yearbook! Here's John's senior photo. There's also this candid, this one from graduation day, and (my personal favourite) one more candid with some characteristic weird hands-ness. Thanks also to Ant for cleaning these up a bit. There are three other new misc pix as well. WYEP appearance from 2006 is also up, with interviews and some Venue Songs and podcast performances. Also in the process of fancyin' up all the thumbnail pages, woo! On the new pages the images will be scaled down to fit in your browser window but the high-res originals will still be available when you click on the "original image" button at the bottom right of the image page so do make a note of that.

February 27 First chunk of 2000-2002 TV appearance caps are up! So are seven new articles!

February 16 Couple of tweaks to the FAQ (IF YOU WERE EVER CURIOUS ABOUT THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT JOHN NOW YOU KNOW), and some links updating as well. Also up: mp3 of "There's a Light Coming Out of My Head," a radio theme, FULL SHOW from a radio broadcast in Vienna in 1990, & 31 new promo etc pix, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, and this one (thanks to Ant for doing his fancy scan tricks on some of these and Shannon for digging some up)!

January 10, 2011 FULL SHOW from February 10, 1992 (kindly hosted by Ant) is up today. It's duo! With no backing tracks! And it's soundboard! There's also been a TOTAL overhaul of the live photos section, with the miscellaneous ones (with known dates) split up by year, which should make it a lot easier to navigate! There's some new stuff in there too! There are also 16 new misc pix, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one (big thanks to Ant for prettyin' up the scans of many of these). Annnnnnnnd, there are five new articles.