December 8 Screencaps from four new online videos are up, along with ten new articles and a John Linnell appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

November 18 19 new live pictures from last year and 27 from the Wits broadcast in July. There's also five new articles.

September 30 Whole SLEW of new screencaps today--5,365 to be exact. There are ones for all the Qcam videos, the video for the new extended "Alphabet of Nations", the concert bootlegs section is finally up, AND I've started a section for online videos. There's a new Mundanes picture (big thanks to Apollo for finding this!) and four new promo pix. There's also five new articles and the second issue of my TMBG zine is now available.

July 23 Big exciting developments today: I'm now doing a Linnell/TMBG zine! And there are two new sections of the site: I've made, with the help of Apollo, a guide to TMBG-related sites in New York City, and there's also the beginning of the TMBG Reading Corner, which will compile the books The Johns have mentioned reading. I'll be going through interviews soon to expand on this. Other new things: two new radio appearances, a second appearance on Seven Second Delay from a few months ago and one from World Cafe in 1992, there's 1,423 new screencaps from miscellaneous older TV appearances, 5 new articles are up, and finally, the Cowtown page has been updated, including a lovely illustration by Miss Apollo.

April 22 52 pictures by Apollo from yesterday's Record Store Day show! Caps for the other two TV appearances in the last year are now up, which means I am now ALL CURRENT on capping other than just a few stray older ones (not on the Video Bootlegs) which is CRAZY. Also added more caps from part of the 120 Minutes appearance promoting Lincoln that was not on the Video Bootlegs tape. There's also three lovely new and improved promo pix via Ant and 10 new candids. In fixing stuff news, a couple of Mundanes shows that typos in my coding had kept from being up are there now--thanks to Frank for pointing this out to me.

April 8 First, couple of housekeeping things: the 2003-2010 caps page somehow had not been updated to include links to the second half of appearances, so that's fixed now. And I went ahead and got the license to get rid of ads on photo index pages--I think I've fixed all the ones that had them, but if you come across any do let me know. Added the first appearance to the caps of TV appearances since 2011 page, 3 new recent radio appearances, and 5 new articles. Also, I recently acquired over 100 totally new bootlegs, plus copies of a bunch of the ones I already had in FLAC form, so the bootlegs page has been updated to indicate when that is an option. And I wanted to let y'all know that I'm finallllllly going through answering e-mails, which I've been kind of slacking off on for...years...SO, if you want to set up a trade (or e-mailed me about something else) you'll be hearing back from me soonish. Sorry for the delay. Finally, I am pleased to announce that you can now have your very own e-mail address!

March 26 Realized that somehow I didn't have a couple of the Quickcam movies up--so, "Tender is the Mind" and "Your Mom's Alright" are up now, along with 4 e-cards made for Emusic (they're Flash; open them in your browser). There's also 24 new promotional pictures--thanks to Ant as usual for cleaning some of these up. Finally, I want to apologize for the ads that are now showing up on photo galleries--the program I use just started doing that. I am super-broke right now so I can't afford to get the license to make them go away--hope they're not annoying you too much!

March 14 Added 25 new candid pictures. From now on for regularly updated sections like this one, there will be a little orange "new" tag next to the filename of items added since the last update, which should make browsing more conveneint for y'all. Also added 82 live pictures from this year and 8 new articles.

February 27 So it occurred to me that I still had crappy VHS screencaps of the Brave New World videos rather than more high-quality ones from the Gigantic DVD. So, much better (and also somehow much more numerous) caps of "Older," "Dan vs. Cog," and "King Weed" are now up. There are also 10 new articles.

February 17 Radio appearance from Tampa! The rest of the screencaps from TV appearances between 2003 and 2010--2,857 pictures! 23 random live pictures! Six new articles!

January 31, 2012 Today, a whole bunch of swell pictures from two shows in LA on Saturday. Also added a radio interview from Philadelphia in September.