December 14 Saturday means new boots! Five brand-new, five new-to-FLAC. Also note that the show from 2/25/05, which was previously missing the final track, is now complete.

December 7 Four new boots for y'all today, plus I realized I have some still waiting to be uploaded that weren't already listed on the list of ones I can put up by request, so that's now updated.

November 30 Five new boots!

November 23 Saturday means new boots! Today's batch includes five brand-new, and three new-to-FLAC.

November 16 An exciting big update for y'all today! An "adult-sized portion" (as Flans would say) of boots--15 brand-new ones, plus 5 new-to-FLAC ones, and then also 18 new promo pictures! Enjoy!

November 9 The usual batch of five brand-new boots/five new-to-FLAC boots for y'all today. I also found a folder of videos in the FLAC version of the 11/9/00 show, so those have now been added to the mp3 folder as well.

November 2 Standard weekly offer of five brand-new boots/five new FLAC boots. Enjoy!

October 27 Today I have for y'all the usual five brand-new boots/five new in FLAC boots. Also, for some time there's been an issue with some of the articles being screwed up because of the coding for certain characters not being correct (this goes back to when I was trying to do all the HTML coding by hand--now I just use a text-to-HTML convertor) and I think I have them mostly fixed now, but if you still come across any issues (or any other problems with the site really) please do let me know.

October 19 New boots for everyone! Five brand-new ones, and five FLAC ones. Also I realized that I accidentally didn't actually format things correctly with a link to one I uploaded a few weeks ago, from 5/15/99, so that's fixed now. Enjoy!

October 12 New boots! Five brand-new and three new FLAC ones!

October 5 Saturday means new boots! This week's batch includes five brand-new ones, three new FLAC ones, and new recordings from the soundcheck for the 2/21/97 show. Probably going to stay at about this pace of uploads going forward because all those big batches of stuff I was doing last month meant my site hosting bill for this month ended up being considerably higher than I expected. Enjoy!

September 28 New batch of Saturday boots for y'all! Five new ones, five new FLAC ones. Enjoy!

September 21 If I keep doing these super-sized updates I guess I won't be able to act like they're special anymore, will I? Well, be that as it may, I have another big batch of boots for y'all today--10 brand-new ones, 10 brand-new-in-FLAC ones, and several that have been given various fixes--missing tracks restored in shows from 11/22/96 and 3/24/95, and a glitch in "She's an Angel" from 9/27/99 fixed. Big thanks to Kristen for helping with a lot of these and also for sending over one of the brand-new recordings from right here in beautiful Seattle!

September 14 Very big update today! In addition to the usual boots (5 brand-new, 5 new FLAC), I have a metric ton of new live pictures for y'all, 723 in total! Pages with new ones include the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018. I also realized that I forgot to mention that when I was in the process of uploading cropped versions of my own live pictures I also added a bunch more from the shows on 11/29/15, 7/21/16, 7/22/16, 12/30/17, and 12/31/17, so check those out if you're so inclined.

September 7 Another Saturday, another update. Some new boots, including 5 brand-new ones and 5 new FLAC ones, plus some great new tape rips courtesy of Ant of a bunch of demo tapes and some other miscellany.

September 1 Another update with some quality stuff! 5 new radio appearances, some pictures from last October's Vancouver show courtesy of Ant, and some boots--5 new ones and 5 FLAC uploads of ones I already had up in mp3. I also discovered that a show from New Year's Eve 2005 was mislabeled as the late show when it was in fact the early show, so that's fixed now, and I also decided that I should include the venue as part of the ID3 tags for shows so I'll be doing that from this point forward, and will be gradually replacing the ones I already have up as well.

August 24 Pleased to present a big big update with all kinds of stuff! 20 new articles! 5 brand-new bootlegs, plus 20 new FLAC recordings of shows I already had up in mp3! And finally, bunches and bunches of new live pictures: 74 from 2011, 15 from 2018, and some my pal Ant just donated from the 2011 and 2015 shows in Portland, and the Join Us album release show in Asbury Park. Also, I cropped all of my own concert photos that needed cropping, which really is something I should've done before uploading them in the first place, but better late than never I suppose. Enjoy!

August 10 Another supersized batch of bootlegs for y'all today! Five brand-new ones, plus FLAC versions of all the remaining '80s shows I have, 12 in all. Enjoy!

August 4 This week's boots are a bit late, but to make up for it in addition to the usual batch of five new boots I've also put up five FLAC versions of early shows. Thanks to Ant for supplying these. I'll have more up soon!

July 27 Five new boots! Enjoy!

July 20 Sorry to have been derelict in my duties with the boots the past few weeks, y'all--been traveling and therefore busy. And I actually am again right now, writing this from a bus somewhere on I-5, but I have five new boots for y'all anyway!

June 29 Saturday means fresh new boots!

June 22 Happy summer, (northern hemisphere) kids! celebrate with some new boots!

June 15 New batch of Saturday boots! Get 'em while they're hot!

June 12 Well well well! In honor of a certain someone's big 60th birthday, I have an update for y'all with bunches of good stuff! Ten new articles! Ten new radio appearances! And finally I'm making a dedicated sub-section of the candid photos page for ones taken by members of the band themselves, or other official people like the crew. To kick that off there's a batch of photos taken by a crew member in the winter of 2000/spring of 2001--an interesting view of things behind-the-scenes. That's it for now because I need to be off to do various birthday celebration stuff, but I'm in the process of gathering some other things together for another update soon, maybe even by the end of the week, so stay tuned!

June 8 Saturday (yes for anyone who hasn't noticed I'm now officially making Saturday rather than Friday the upload day) means a new batch of boots!

May 31 Five new bootlegs!

May 25 Five new bootlegs!

May 17 I have another major update for y'all today! There's five new bootlegs. Also I discoverd that somehow a handful of tracks from the 2013-10-18 show accidentally ended up in another folder and so were not part of the zip I uploaded--that's fixed now. But WAIT, there's more! Almost 200 new live pictures: 52 from 2016, 113 from 2018, and 33 from 2019. Annnnnd, 23 new articles and 5 new interviews/radio appearances!

March 8 Five new shows for y'all today!

March 1 Happy March! Today I have another five bootlegs for y'all. I forgot to do the usual posting around social media when I uploaded last week's batch, so I'm going to go ahead and leave the "new" designations on those ones this week too in case people missed them.

February 22 Five new bootlegs! Get 'em while they're hot!

February 12 Well well well! I am thrilled (and kinda exhausted cos I've spent most of the past four days working on this) to report that I finally have a long-overdue proper update for y'all, featuring SO MUCH NEW STUFF. SO MUCH. There's the usual new batch of bootlegs, five of 'em, plus twelve other new radio/interview thingers, plus I like being able to listen to the podcasts as individually separated mp3s, so I uploaded a whole page of those in case other people feel the same way, plus there are almost 1,800 new live pictures (mostly taken during my personal record-breaking number of shows I went to last year!), plus 20 new articles! Bask in all the awesomeness!!!

February 1 Five new boots for y'all! Enjoy!

January 18, 2019 Happy new year, kids! Today I have ten new boots to share with y'all, and there are some particularly great ones, including a particularly stellar soundboard recording from 1988 and some shows from last year's tour that I can personally verify were amazing shows because I attended them myself! Check it totally out!