June 26 Today I have four new bootlegs for y'all. This is the last of my regularly scheduled weekly bootleg posts, for the simple reason that I am all out of boots! This is my entire collection! I'm sure I'll find more stuff in the future here and there, and when I do I'll upload it, but this is it for now, folks. As always, if you have recordings of your own that are not already up and you would like to contribute, please do let me know.

June 20 Today: Two new boots, including one of the all-time best shows I've personally attended, from Halloween 2001 with Sapphire Bullets opening. Enjoy!

June 12 I understand it's a certain accordion player's birthday today, and in celebration of that I have a HUGE update for y'all. The usual weekly boot update is coming a day early, three of 'em, and besides that there are 25 new articles and over 800 new pictures! Enjoy! Celebrate! Happy birthday John!

June 6 Today brings three new boots!

May 30 Two new boots!

May 23 Three new boots today!

May 16 Today: bunches of new stuff! Two new bootlegs, three new radio appearances, and ten new articles. Enjoy!

May 9 A couple of new boots for y'all today, including Dr. Spock's Back-Up Band, "the only known factory-pressed silver CD bootleg of TMBG material." I also did an update to the main mp3s page similar to the one I did with the articles page a few weeks ago, splitting some of it off into separate sections which will hopefully make it easier to navigate. Enjoy!

May 2 Today I have for y'all a couple of new boots and also some new live pictures: 35 from 2010 and 36 from 2011. Enjoy!

April 25 A couple of new boots ready for y'all today!

April 18 Today: three new boots, and also per my pal Ant's suggestion I've subdivided the articles page (which was getting quite unwieldy, it's true) into separate sections by article type. Enjoy!

April 11 Three new bootlegs for y'all today!

April 4 Just one new bootleg today, but there's also 25 new candid photos.

March 28 Here's what I have for y'all today: two new bootlegs, ten new articles, and 75 new live pictures (15 from 2003, seventeen from 2015, and 43 from 2016). Enjoy!

March 21 Today, four new boots for y'all! Enjoy!

March 14 Four new boots for y'all today!

March 7 Lots of exciting stuff in today's update! First of all, there are three new boots (mp3 only from now on, I've decided to no longer do the FLAC uploads). I'm also pleased to present y'all with 57 new candid photos and 10 new articles. I also finally did a massive overhaul to the organization of the articles index page that I've been wanting to do for some time, in which I moved the articles that consist in large part of direct quotations from one or both Johns but also have other content written by the author to the respective "Interviews with [Johns/JL/JF]" sections. I'd previously only filed things in those sections that were in a strict Q&A format, but I decided awhile ago that that didn't really make much sense, and was just putting off moving everything because I expected it to be a massive project. Which indeed it was and it took me the better part of the night to accomplish, but now it's finally done so yay!

February 29 Happy Leap Day! Today I have five new boots for y'all--three brand-new, two new-to-FLAC. Enjoy!

February 22 Another particularly exciting update for y'all today! In addition to the usual weekly batch of bootlegs (three brand-new, one new-to-FLAC), I'm pleased to be able to present a slew of new live pictures, including my own from the three (awesome!) shows I just attended plus over 50 older ones gathered from around the internets. Dig!

February 15 New boots new boots new boots! Two brand-new, three new-to-FLAC. Enjoy!

February 1 Another big exciting update for y'all today! In addition to five new boots, there are over 150 new live pictures, including 37 from 2001, 19 from 2009, and 106 from 2013. And last but certainly not least, I'm excited to announce that the Cowtown page now has a built-in program that one can use to join the chat without downloading an IRC client, so I hope more of y'all will now be able to join us! Thanks to the ever-reliable Ant for helping me get this up and running.

January 25 Saturday means new boots! Three brand-new, one new-to-FLAC. Enjoy!

January 18 Here's what I have for y'all today: some new boots of course (five brand-new, two new-to-FLAC). I discovered that some pictures mysteriously disappeared from the promo section--I have no idea how that happened, but it should be all fixed now. There are also eight brand-new ones, but unfortunately the way I had to fix the missing ones (with copying things over from my personal collection) broke my album-making program's ability to recognize which ones were actually new, so they're not marked this time--sorry about that. Some new live pictures too! There's the first batch from 2020 (42), and some from 1988 (12). Enjoy!

January 11 Exciting update for y'all today! In addition to the usual piping-hot new boots (five new, three new-to-FLAC), I have 10 new articles for y'all! Also, it has come to my attention that people aren't always noticing the little graphics I use to indicate which things are the new ones in each update, so I now have that noted at the top of each page of stuff--I want to make sure people are aware of it for easier site navigation and making sure y'all don't miss out on any of the awesome new stuff I'm putting up! But the system only works if you're staying on top of the updates, because the graphics only last until the next update I do (update to each specific section, that is, in other words if I for instance upload more new boots next week but not any new articles, the "new" markers will change on the boots page but remain the same on the articles one until whenever I do get around to updating it).

January 4, 2020 Happy 2020, kids! Sorry about the lack of new boots the past couple of weeks--was doing some holiday traveling. Today I have three brand-new and two new-to-FLAC ones for y'all. I also added a newly-discovered bit of a soundcheck recording to the mp3 version of the 8/28/04 show. Enjoy!

December 14 Saturday means new boots! Five brand-new, five new-to-FLAC. Also note that the show from 2/25/05, which was previously missing the final track, is now complete.

December 7 Four new boots for y'all today, plus I realized I have some still waiting to be uploaded that weren't already listed on the list of ones I can put up by request, so that's now updated.

November 30 Five new boots!

November 23 Saturday means new boots! Today's batch includes five brand-new, and three new-to-FLAC.

November 16 An exciting big update for y'all today! An "adult-sized portion" (as Flans would say) of boots--15 brand-new ones, plus 5 new-to-FLAC ones, and then also 18 new promo pictures! Enjoy!

November 9 The usual batch of five brand-new boots/five new-to-FLAC boots for y'all today. I also found a folder of videos in the FLAC version of the 11/9/00 show, so those have now been added to the mp3 folder as well.

November 2 Standard weekly offer of five brand-new boots/five new FLAC boots. Enjoy!

October 27 Today I have for y'all the usual five brand-new boots/five new in FLAC boots. Also, for some time there's been an issue with some of the articles being screwed up because of the coding for certain characters not being correct (this goes back to when I was trying to do all the HTML coding by hand--now I just use a text-to-HTML convertor) and I think I have them mostly fixed now, but if you still come across any issues (or any other problems with the site really) please do let me know.

October 19 New boots for everyone! Five brand-new ones, and five FLAC ones. Also I realized that I accidentally didn't actually format things correctly with a link to one I uploaded a few weeks ago, from 5/15/99, so that's fixed now. Enjoy!

October 12 New boots! Five brand-new and three new FLAC ones!

October 5 Saturday means new boots! This week's batch includes five brand-new ones, three new FLAC ones, and new recordings from the soundcheck for the 2/21/97 show. Probably going to stay at about this pace of uploads going forward because all those big batches of stuff I was doing last month meant my site hosting bill for this month ended up being considerably higher than I expected. Enjoy!

September 28 New batch of Saturday boots for y'all! Five new ones, five new FLAC ones. Enjoy!

September 21 If I keep doing these super-sized updates I guess I won't be able to act like they're special anymore, will I? Well, be that as it may, I have another big batch of boots for y'all today--10 brand-new ones, 10 brand-new-in-FLAC ones, and several that have been given various fixes--missing tracks restored in shows from 11/22/96 and 3/24/95, and a glitch in "She's an Angel" from 9/27/99 fixed. Big thanks to Kristen for helping with a lot of these and also for sending over one of the brand-new recordings from right here in beautiful Seattle!

September 14 Very big update today! In addition to the usual boots (5 brand-new, 5 new FLAC), I have a metric ton of new live pictures for y'all, 723 in total! Pages with new ones include the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018. I also realized that I forgot to mention that when I was in the process of uploading cropped versions of my own live pictures I also added a bunch more from the shows on 11/29/15, 7/21/16, 7/22/16, 12/30/17, and 12/31/17, so check those out if you're so inclined.

September 7 Another Saturday, another update. Some new boots, including 5 brand-new ones and 5 new FLAC ones, plus some great new tape rips courtesy of Ant of a bunch of demo tapes and some other miscellany.

September 1 Another update with some quality stuff! 5 new radio appearances, some pictures from last October's Vancouver show courtesy of Ant, and some boots--5 new ones and 5 FLAC uploads of ones I already had up in mp3. I also discovered that a show from New Year's Eve 2005 was mislabeled as the late show when it was in fact the early show, so that's fixed now, and I also decided that I should include the venue as part of the ID3 tags for shows so I'll be doing that from this point forward, and will be gradually replacing the ones I already have up as well.

August 24 Pleased to present a big big update with all kinds of stuff! 20 new articles! 5 brand-new bootlegs, plus 20 new FLAC recordings of shows I already had up in mp3! And finally, bunches and bunches of new live pictures: 74 from 2011, 15 from 2018, and some my pal Ant just donated from the 2011 and 2015 shows in Portland, and the Join Us album release show in Asbury Park. Also, I cropped all of my own concert photos that needed cropping, which really is something I should've done before uploading them in the first place, but better late than never I suppose. Enjoy!

August 10 Another supersized batch of bootlegs for y'all today! Five brand-new ones, plus FLAC versions of all the remaining '80s shows I have, 12 in all. Enjoy!

August 4 This week's boots are a bit late, but to make up for it in addition to the usual batch of five new boots I've also put up five FLAC versions of early shows. Thanks to Ant for supplying these. I'll have more up soon!

July 27 Five new boots! Enjoy!

July 20 Sorry to have been derelict in my duties with the boots the past few weeks, y'all--been traveling and therefore busy. And I actually am again right now, writing this from a bus somewhere on I-5, but I have five new boots for y'all anyway!

June 29 Saturday means fresh new boots!

June 22 Happy summer, (northern hemisphere) kids! celebrate with some new boots!

June 15 New batch of Saturday boots! Get 'em while they're hot!

June 12 Well well well! In honor of a certain someone's big 60th birthday, I have an update for y'all with bunches of good stuff! Ten new articles! Ten new radio appearances! And finally I'm making a dedicated sub-section of the candid photos page for ones taken by members of the band themselves, or other official people like the crew. To kick that off there's a batch of photos taken by a crew member in the winter of 2000/spring of 2001--an interesting view of things behind-the-scenes. That's it for now because I need to be off to do various birthday celebration stuff, but I'm in the process of gathering some other things together for another update soon, maybe even by the end of the week, so stay tuned!

June 8 Saturday (yes for anyone who hasn't noticed I'm now officially making Saturday rather than Friday the upload day) means a new batch of boots!

May 31 Five new bootlegs!

May 25 Five new bootlegs!

May 17 I have another major update for y'all today! There's five new bootlegs. Also I discoverd that somehow a handful of tracks from the 2013-10-18 show accidentally ended up in another folder and so were not part of the zip I uploaded--that's fixed now. But WAIT, there's more! Almost 200 new live pictures: 52 from 2016, 113 from 2018, and 33 from 2019. Annnnnd, 23 new articles and 5 new interviews/radio appearances!

March 8 Five new shows for y'all today!

March 1 Happy March! Today I have another five bootlegs for y'all. I forgot to do the usual posting around social media when I uploaded last week's batch, so I'm going to go ahead and leave the "new" designations on those ones this week too in case people missed them.

February 22 Five new bootlegs! Get 'em while they're hot!

February 12 Well well well! I am thrilled (and kinda exhausted cos I've spent most of the past four days working on this) to report that I finally have a long-overdue proper update for y'all, featuring SO MUCH NEW STUFF. SO MUCH. There's the usual new batch of bootlegs, five of 'em, plus twelve other new radio/interview thingers, plus I like being able to listen to the podcasts as individually separated mp3s, so I uploaded a whole page of those in case other people feel the same way, plus there are almost 1,800 new live pictures (mostly taken during my personal record-breaking number of shows I went to last year!), plus 20 new articles! Bask in all the awesomeness!!!

February 1 Five new boots for y'all! Enjoy!

January 18, 2019 Happy new year, kids! Today I have ten new boots to share with y'all, and there are some particularly great ones, including a particularly stellar soundboard recording from 1988 and some shows from last year's tour that I can personally verify were amazing shows because I attended them myself! Check it totally out!

November 9 Five new boots! Get 'em while they're hot!

October 19 Apologies for slacking on the boots lately, y'all--just been busy busy busy. Still am, but here are five new ones cos I love y'all!

September 14 Submitted for your approval: nine new bootlegs (FYI bootlegs have been spun off onto their own page because the list is starting to get long enough that I think it's just getting unwieldy when they're included on the regular mp3s page), plus a recording of a portion of a 1988 show which, though the show was performed in Austin, was for some reason broadcast on Italian radio.

September 6 WELL, this is offically the biggest, most exciting update I have ever done! I have SO MUCH STUFF for y'all! I just moved this here site over to a new host, and it's gonna be a lot cheaper meaning I can easily have a lot more space, so I decided to celebrate by uploading a metric ton of stuff. To start with, there's a whopping 65 new bootlegs, plus five new radio appearances and a whole bunch of shockingly high-quality old Dial-A-Song recordings. Then as if that weren't enough PICTURES PICTURES SO MANY PICTURES, over 900 all together, including new promo pictures and candids, one new Mundanes picture, and bunches and bunches of new live pictures. I actually have a ton more stuff that still needs to be uploaded too, but I suppose this is enough for now! (Also, do take note of the fact that the directory for this page is now museumofidiots.com/tmbg.

August 3 Ten new bootlegs now up, plus all the People Are Wrong! stuff I have! Check it totally out!

July 20, 2018 BIG EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now going to have my vast bootleg collection uploaded in its entirety. I'll be uploading it gradually, ten new boots at a time on Fridays. Check out the first batch here! Also, nine other new radio appearances uploaded. Also, the Mundanes mp3s page has apparently been broken for awhile and no one bothered to tell me, GEEZ, sorry about that y'all--it's now fixed. Plus there are SIX new photos on the photo page!

September 12 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue for a site update! But there is plenty of new stuff for y'all today. 50 new candid pix. A couple of new entries to the Reading Corner. Realized I hadn't included the pictures that go with the article about Linnell's house so those are there now. Added a couple of new bootlegs.

August 4, 2016 Well well well, look what the cat dragged in--a site update! We have a brand-new look for late summer! The main navigation pages have been completely redesigned, and thumbnails on photo pages are bigger. There's bunches of other brand-new things too! Pictures! There are 17 new promo pix, and 52 new candids. You want live pictures? We got 'em! A whopping 437 from the epic duo show in Brooklyn last November (thanks to Ant for taking some of these)! A bunch more from recent shows in San Francisco and Berkley! And from various places around the internets there's one new one from 2003, one from 2010, 14 from 2012, 154 from 2013, 317 from 2015, 22 from 2016, and four new miscellaneous ones! (I also standardzied all the filenames, which probably no one but me cares about but has been bugging me for ages.) 15 new mp3s! 15 new articles! And there's a new issue of This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury at at my Etsy shop!

September 23 Welcome to another exciting site update! Bunches of pictures for you: four promo ones, fifteen candids, seven live ones from 2003-2005, sixteen from 2011, seventeen from 2012, 41 from 2013, and 64 from this year. 25 new mp3s. 25 new articles. Whole bunch of updates to the TMBG Reading Corner. I've changed my bootlegs policy--I can now send up to five shows for free, so check out my list of shows if you want anything. I've also been uploading random shows to my Tumblr, but they're each only up for a limited time, so get 'em while they're hot! And finally, there are two new issues of This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury available on Etsy!

May 19, 2015 Have I really not done a site update for TEN MONTHS? Geeeeeeeeez. Well, I've got plenty for y'all today to make up for it. 81 new promo pictures! Thirty new candid pictures! Bunches of pictures from shows a couple of weeks ago in Seattle and Portland! Even more live pictures from 2003, 2013, 2015, and miscellaneous other times! Thirty new articles! Twenty new audio things! (May I draw your particular attention to Stumpbox and John reading a Jonathan Lethem short story?) Updates to the Reading Corner and quotes pages! And finally, in gushy news, there are two new issues of This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury, consisting of an annotated version of "The Neverending List of Things About John That are Sexy, Adorable, or Just Generally Completely Amazing," so check those out if you want to hear me ramble on and on (and on and on) about all the reasons I love John. If you want to see the short ("short") version, that's also up here.

July 9 There's been a bonus interview released from the Ask Me Another appearance so there's a new version of the zip with that. Also, realized that the vertical live pictures I've taken with the digital camera I've had for the last few years were showing up sideways when downloaded so that's fixed now.

June 29 There are now some TV appearances (which Youtube won't let be uploaded for copyright reasons) listed on the video page (kindly hosted by Mr. Ant). A new radio appearances, 33 new promo pictures, and tons of new icons. And finally, there has been a bit of housekeeping around here, like changing the imagemaps to make them more Flanserrific! Yay!

February 10, 2014 First update of 2014 and I'm please to report it contains something very exciting. I've gone ahead and uploaded all the Dial-A-Song stuff I have--Power of Dial-A-Song I and II and then all the other miscellaneous stuff, so rush right over to the mp3's page for that! There's also one more radio appearance from last year listed there, plus 17 new candid pix.

December 4 Moved all the TV appearance screencaps to one page. They're listed alphabetically.

November 28 Happy Thanksgiving! Over 100 new pictures from the Pink show at the beginning of the month in New York (thanks to Ant for these). 113 new live pictures from this year and two new misc old ones. Three new radio appearances. Five new articles. Updated the links page a bit. Annnnnnnnd, Issue #7 of This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury is available now! All the issues are available on Etsy and I've just listed a bunch of TMBG buttons there too.

November 4 Long-overdue and BIG update for y'all today! Over 400 pictures from some shows I just went to: 10/25 in Tempe, 10/26 in LA (kids' show), and 10/26 in LA (Pink show!). Ten new live pix from 2009 and eighty-one from this year. 26 new candids. There are ten new articles, and there are some improvements to that section: Articles uploaded since the last update are now marked with a "new" graphic (many thanks to Miss Apollo for designing this), and article titles are now listed on the page as well.

June 16 Pictures from three shows a few nights ago: Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. 11 new or improved promo pictures. Six new articles.

May 27 Screencaps from an appearance on Jimmy Fallon three nights ago.

May 1 New issue of my TMBG zine! New 1989 show from Munich! Pictures by Apollo from an instore in Brooklyn! 30 other live pictures from this year! Five new articles!

March 18 It has come to my attention that I accidentally didn't upload the updated HTML with the new radio appearances--sorry about that. It's fixed now--the appearances are The Brian Lehrer Show from a few weeks ago and World Cafe from 2001.

March 16 Big update today! 385 new live pictures from a four-show trip I just went on, plus sixteen new articles and two new radio appearances. There's also been an update to the Cowtown page with info on chat clients it'll actually work with.

February 5 Screencaps from four more online videos are up, which is the last of those for now. There's ten new articles, seven new candid pictures, and nineteen new live ones from last year. And finally, webcasts are now .avi, because who the fuck uses .rm anymore?

January 26 New issue of my TMBG zine now available. Also: Screencaps from four new online videos and five new articles.

January 1, 2013 Happy New Year! 345 pictures from the three-show stand TMBG just did in Brooklyn now up.

December 8 Screencaps from four new online videos are up, along with ten new articles and a John Linnell appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

November 18 19 new live pictures from last year and 27 from the Wits broadcast in July. There's also five new articles.

September 30 Whole SLEW of new screencaps today--5,365 to be exact. There are ones for all the Qcam videos, the video for the new extended "Alphabet of Nations", the concert bootlegs section is finally up, AND I've started a section for online videos. There's a new Mundanes picture (big thanks to Apollo for finding this!) and four new promo pix. There's also five new articles and the second issue of my TMBG zine is now available.

July 23 Big exciting developments today: I'm now doing a Linnell/TMBG zine! And there are two new sections of the site: I've made, with the help of Apollo, a guide to TMBG-related sites in New York City, and there's also the beginning of the TMBG Reading Corner, which will compile the books The Johns have mentioned reading. I'll be going through interviews soon to expand on this. Other new things: two new radio appearances, a second appearance on Seven Second Delay from a few months ago and one from World Cafe in 1992, there's 1,423 new screencaps from miscellaneous older TV appearances, 5 new articles are up, and finally, the Cowtown page has been updated, including a lovely illustration by Miss Apollo.

April 22 52 pictures by Apollo from yesterday's Record Store Day show! Caps for the other two TV appearances in the last year are now up, which means I am now ALL CURRENT on capping other than just a few stray older ones (not on the Video Bootlegs) which is CRAZY. Also added more caps from part of the 120 Minutes appearance promoting Lincoln that was not on the Video Bootlegs tape. There's also three lovely new and improved promo pix via Ant and 10 new candids. In fixing stuff news, a couple of Mundanes shows that typos in my coding had kept from being up are there now--thanks to Frank for pointing this out to me.

April 8 First, couple of housekeeping things: the 2003-2010 caps page somehow had not been updated to include links to the second half of appearances, so that's fixed now. And I went ahead and got the license to get rid of ads on photo index pages--I think I've fixed all the ones that had them, but if you come across any do let me know. Added the first appearance to the caps of TV appearances since 2011 page, 3 new recent radio appearances, and 5 new articles. Also, I recently acquired over 100 totally new bootlegs, plus copies of a bunch of the ones I already had in FLAC form, so the bootlegs page has been updated to indicate when that is an option. And I wanted to let y'all know that I'm finallllllly going through answering e-mails, which I've been kind of slacking off on for...years...SO, if you want to set up a trade (or e-mailed me about something else) you'll be hearing back from me soonish. Sorry for the delay. Finally, I am pleased to announce that you can now have your very own @museumofidiots.com e-mail address!

March 26 Realized that somehow I didn't have a couple of the Quickcam movies up--so, "Tender is the Mind" and "Your Mom's Alright" are up now, along with 4 e-cards made for Emusic (they're Flash; open them in your browser). There's also 24 new promotional pictures--thanks to Ant as usual for cleaning some of these up. Finally, I want to apologize for the ads that are now showing up on photo galleries--the program I use just started doing that. I am super-broke right now so I can't afford to get the license to make them go away--hope they're not annoying you too much!

March 14 Added 25 new candid pictures. From now on for regularly updated sections like this one, there will be a little orange "new" tag next to the filename of items added since the last update, which should make browsing more conveneint for y'all. Also added 82 live pictures from this year and 8 new articles.

February 27 So it occurred to me that I still had crappy VHS screencaps of the Brave New World videos rather than more high-quality ones from the Gigantic DVD. So, much better (and also somehow much more numerous) caps of "Older," "Dan vs. Cog," and "King Weed" are now up. There are also 10 new articles.

February 17 Radio appearance from Tampa! The rest of the screencaps from TV appearances between 2003 and 2010--2,857 pictures! 23 random live pictures! Six new articles!

January 31, 2012 Today, a whole bunch of swell pictures from two shows in LA on Saturday. Also added a radio interview from Philadelphia in September.

December 5 Now up: 105 live pictures from various shows this year and a whole bunch of screencaps: ones from another 5 TV appearances, high-def ones from the "You Probably Get That a Lot" video, and ones from the new "Electronic Istanbul" video. 7 new articles too!

November 13 Appearance from KEXP annnnnnnnnd over 500 new live pictures from three shows last week!

October 30 New today: 740 screencaps from the HOTTEST THING TO EVER EXIST, aka the new video for "You Probably Get That a Lot." Also up: a Milwaukee radio appearance from Friday, an hour-long interview with Flans about techy stuff from May, and 29 new candid pix. I've also vastly updated the icons section--figured out a quick and easy way to make icons 64x64px so they'll look ok if you use larger ones, so all the old ones are now like that and there are a bunch of new ones too. There's a link to all my Livejournal icon posts there as well.

October 11 Happy They Day! Today, there's a new interview from All Things Considered as well as an interview with Flans from 2007. There's also 7 new articles and the first batch of screencaps from 2003 to 2010, 1,883 pictures in all!

October 2 Well, the day after I did the "Cloisonné" caps a high-def version was posted (guess that's what I get for trying to be timely). So, better versions of those up now. Also there's a radio appearance from Rochester on September 15. There's also a new section on the mp3 page of TV and radio themes and TV performances, with a few new things and more stuff to come soon. Also, ten new promo pictures, including better versions of a few of the new Join Us ones.

September 19 Caps from the "Cloisonné" video that came out today are here (how's that for a quick turnaround?). Also: Radio interviews from The Leonard Lopate Show and The Word, and 4 new articles.

August 10 Here today: FULL SHOW broadcast on Chicago's WXRT on August 2 (well, almost full show--there were 8 minutes of commercials), screencaps of the remainder of the appearances between 2000 and 2002, 6 new articles. Also you should check out my new tattoo!

July 23 Apollo has donated 48 pictures from a show at the Apple Store in Manhattan on Wednesday! We also have 35 new live pictures on the 2003-2006 page, and there are 5 new articles.

June 19 "Albany" and "Asbury Park" caps up now! Also added a performance of six tracks from WTUL in 1988.

May 31 New section of screencaps up now--official vids that aren't on Direct from Brooklyn. Currently up: "Boss of Me" and bonus stuff from Here Come the ABCs--over 1,200 pictures in all! Also, I have split up the former "miscellaneous" section into two, more managable pages: there is now one for promotional/magazine photos and one for candids (from radio appearances, signings, and such). Both of these have a few new ones, including the new Join Us promo pictures. And, there are 3 new articles.

April 17 New FULL SHOW today, a live broadcast from Bremen in 1989! 10 new misc pix up also, including more yearbook fun (with Flans this time) here and here, plus better versions of this, this, and this. And in housekeeping news, updated the bootlegs list--I have all my copies now (my external drive died on me a year ago and I just got my hard copies back so I'm able to trade again), and finished making the snazzy new layout pages for thumbnails.

March 10 Something very exciting to share with you today! BlueCanary has sent over some pictures from the 1977 Lincoln-Sudbury yearbook! Here's John's senior photo. There's also this candid, this one from graduation day, and (my personal favourite) one more candid with some characteristic weird hands-ness. Thanks also to Ant for cleaning these up a bit. There are three other new misc pix as well. WYEP appearance from 2006 is also up, with interviews and some Venue Songs and podcast performances. Also in the process of fancyin' up all the thumbnail pages, woo! On the new pages the images will be scaled down to fit in your browser window but the high-res originals will still be available when you click on the "original image" button at the bottom right of the image page so do make a note of that.

February 27 First chunk of 2000-2002 TV appearance caps are up! So are seven new articles!

February 16 Couple of tweaks to the FAQ (IF YOU WERE EVER CURIOUS ABOUT THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT JOHN NOW YOU KNOW), and some links updating as well. Also up: mp3 of "There's a Light Coming Out of My Head," a radio theme, FULL SHOW from a radio broadcast in Vienna in 1990, & 31 new promo etc pix, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, and this one (thanks to Ant for doing his fancy scan tricks on some of these and Shannon for digging some up)!

January 10, 2011 FULL SHOW from February 10, 1992 (kindly hosted by Ant) is up today. It's duo! With no backing tracks! And it's soundboard! There's also been a TOTAL overhaul of the live photos section, with the miscellaneous ones (with known dates) split up by year, which should make it a lot easier to navigate! There's some new stuff in there too! There are also 16 new misc pix, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one (big thanks to Ant for prettyin' up the scans of many of these). Annnnnnnnd, there are five new articles.

November 10 KEXP interview from 2005. PLUS ten new articles. PLUS 21 new promo pix including better versions of this one, this one, this one,this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one,and this one. There are also 8 new TMBG-related stuff pix, including a darling take on the Apollo 18 cover by Izzy. I'd also like to direct your attention to my new TMBG Tumblr, where I'll be posting rare mp3's and pictures and other goodies, plus the ridiculous amount of John gushing you might expect. And I've made a few Facebook pages you might be interested in: there's one for Sapphire Bullets and one for Gigantic.

October 17 October 2's Kennedy Center webcast is now up (thanks to Ant for hosting this). Also the links page is FINALLY updated (it was only like 7 years out of date...) Oh, and there are five new articles.

September 25 Two new radio things: WERS appearance and John on the Lab Out Loud podcast. 17 new misc pix incluuuuuuding improvements on this one, this one, this one (yes we love you Ant), and this one. Also have better "Make It the Same" mp3's AND FLAC versions so big thanks to Ant for these as well.

August 7 52 new misc live pics and 17 new promo pics, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, and this one (big thanks to Ant for cleaning these up!)

August 2 Ok, all files should be restored now. If you find anything still amiss let me know. Sorry again.

July 30 I don't know what the fuck happened, but somehow almost all my files disappeared from my server. In the process of restoring things now and hopefully everything will be up and running again in just a few days. Sorry about that.

July 18 Ten new articles, and 3 new recent radio-y things: The Strand, Iain Lee interview with JL, and Backstage at Bonnaroo.

July 14 Fixed some broken article links and added 3 new radio things from the recent trip to England: Iain Lee, Jonathan Ross, and Robert Elms. Also updated the FAQ a bit.

June 27 Ten new articles up! (I told you it would be soon.)

June 26 Fixed links to articles. New ones coming very soon.

June 9 Fixed links to Studio 360 2003 and The End 1996, fixed Frank O'Toole titles to be canon, and did a couple of other mp3 cleanup things.

June 4 In the process of getting a tonnnnnnnn of articles up--10 new ones so far. Also 3 new radio thingers: Talk of the Nation 1998, Studio 360 2003, &
KDHX 2009.

May 31 Thrilled to have some new show pictures to share with you--Sasquatch Festival pictures now up. Apologies for the ones that are woefully out of focus, but there are some nice close-ups via the screens next to the stage. FIXED to not be sideways!

April 15 Today we have 43 new promo pictures, including a bunch more from the Gigantic premiere and the 2009 Grammys, 184 new misc live pictures, plus 3 new interviews from earlier this year.

April 13 66 new promo photo Windows icons, 131 new LJ TV appearance icons, and full show from 7/25/09!

April 11 Pleased to report the last of the Video Bootlegs caps are up. Plus, a full show from 6/20/88. Also, spiffy new TMBG-y backgrounds!

April 7 Been hard at work scouring the internets all night/day and have 175 new live pictures for you plus 10 new promo and stuff pictures. Also changed things to be a bit more colourful (and hopefully not eye-straining) and almost done fixing thumbnail pages to fill the whole page (thought I already did this?...)

April 4 128 new misc live pictures today, along with 15 new misc pictures, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one (thanks to Ant and Dayle for these).

April 1 Volume 3 caps!

March 27 Volume 2 caps! &, tangental TMBG stuff!

March 24 Added 89 new miscellaneous pictures, including better versions of this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one, plus better scans of the "Make It the Same" sleeve (thanks to Ant for a bunch of these fab high-res scans).

March 23 Miscellaneous live pictures section is in running shape again, with 155 pictures just added. There's some new radio stuff. Also have icons (including LiveJournal ones!) up and running again. And don't forget to find out about goin' down to Cowtown!

March 21 Video bootleg Volume 1 screencaps are up!

March 1 All mp3's are now organized, dated, and split into indivdual tracks!

February 24 Kevin Cole KEXP interview also got scrambled up somehow. Fixed. Also added missing "Au Contraire" and fixed "Violin" on Soundcheck 2003.

February 23 Eep, Jonathan Ross interviews were all scrambled up. 2001 and 2003 appearances are both now fixed.

February 22 In the process of fixing the tags and titles of mp3's. Some of them were in the wrong order, some of them didn't have the dates, etc. Also breaking down long files into individual songs which I should have done in the first place but I've been lazy. Keep an eye out.

February 15 Webcasts are back up! Added 6/28/02 Atlanta, GA! Also, trading bootlegs again! So, y'know, send me bootlegs!

February 12 28 new interviews and radio performances! 119 new miscellaneous pictures! Including better versions of the Electronic Musician and Gigantic background pictures, Corbis pictures without the watermarks, and a better version of this one. Finally updated the FAQ. Also new YouTube channel crammed full of TMBG goodness!

February 11 Much more high-quality and much much more plentiful Direct from Brooklyn caps now up!

December 30 New Gigantic screencaps! Clearer and six times as many!

December 12 Back in working order after the entire site was deleted (yeh, by an ex-boyfriend, lovely). Sorry about that.

November 24, 2009 Added 30 miscellaneous pictures, including some swell Grammy ones, 43 miscellaneous live pictures, The Frank O'Toole Show and another interview mp3, 9 webcasts, and a TON of new Mundanes mp3's.

July 26 Added a whole bunch of screencaps, including 4/27/00 webcast, computer videos, and miscellaneous bootleg videos. Also added a page of videos, at the moment consisting of Qcam stuff that used to be on the official site. Also fixed all the photo pages to actually fill up the full screen.

July 23 Added 25 miscellaneous pictures and 15 miscellaneous live pictures, mostly snagged from Corbis (thanks to Lauren for help getting a few of these). Also added CD101 interview mp3's (thanks to Eddie).

June 6 I've been informed by Operator Dot that They don't want to have any Dial-A-Song or live stuff up, so unfortunately I've had to take that down, but in its place are a bunch of new interview and radio performance mp3's. If you have any more of these you'd like me to host please let me know.

May 20 Gigantic extras screencaps are finally back up. Also added 15 new miscellaneous pictures, including high-res promo photos from Mink Car and The Spine.

May 12, 2008 Back in business! Added 50 new pictures to the miscellaneous page. More updates coming soon!

July 21 Was supposed to do this awhile ago and totally forgot, but Gigantic screencaps are also operational again, except for the extras stuff. Also added something like 40 new misc pictures.

June 3 The Direct from Brooklyn screencaps are operational again. Other stuff is still in progress.

May 15 So, we're in the process of reconstructing some of the screencap pages. Check back here for updates.

April 15 Just making it official: regular updates are on hiatus until further notice. If you would like to keep up on the status of the site and are not in any of the on-line fan forums then feel free to e-mail me.

January 18, 2005 Been prevented from doing anything in the way of updates for awhile because of computer difficulties, but we should be all set again now. Added fifteen new miscellaneous photos and a live version of "I've Got a Match."

December 2 New mp3: "Summer Breeze." Some of the interview mp3's are down until I can get more space, but the TV appearance screencaps are finally up. Also updated the FAQ and finished giving the photo galleries a new, uniform layout.

November 15/16 Going to be having a new mp3 every other Monday. Up now is the Dial-A-Song version of "4 of 2." Fixed the UBRadio mp3's.

November 3 In an attempt to get back on track with the mp3 of the fortnight, added "A Horse with No Name." Also added quotes and interview mp3's.

October 9 Added icons and updated the FAQ.

September 20 We are back! Added, uh, a whole bunch of stuff. Don't feel like listing it all. Look around.

January 19, 2004 New mp3 of the fortnight, the demo of "A Self Called Nowhere." Fixed the Mundanes photo and mp3 pages.

January 9, 2004 Happy new year! New mp3 of the fortnight,"What is Everyone Staring At."

December 6 New screenname. Fixed April 4, 2003,April 5, and April 6.

December 3 New mp3 of the fortnight, "Wreck It Apart."

November 14 New feature: mp3 of the fortnight. I will change this on the first and fourteenth of every month. First selection: "No Answer." Also added show reviews.

November 12 Vastly updated bootlegs list.

October 28 Added 17 new misc pics and 6 new misc live pics.

October 24 Spiffy new layout!

October 4 Added "Stalk of Wheat" and parts one, two, and three of the October 4, 2003 Jonathan Ross interview.

October 1 Added live Mundanes photos and a whole bunch of new misc and misc live pictures.

September 30 Added photos from May 25, 2003,May 26, and September 28.

April 20 Added photos from April 4, 2003, April 5, and April 6.

February 20 Removed the equipment page.

February 18 Added photos from February 14, 2003.

January 5 Gave all the concert photos more logical filenames. Added photos from June 20, 1999 and October 20, 1999, expanded November 11, 2002, added this photo, and seven other new ones.

December 31 Added pictures from December 28, 2002.

December 21 Added Gigantic screencaptures, plus cropped versions of the promo photos from it (four here and one here).

December 13 Added "Why Does the Sun Shine" live mp3 (donated by Rich).

December 10 Fixed the miscellaneous pictures and seperated them from the miscellaneous live pictures. Made a seperate page of Mundanes pictures.

December 8 Added quotes page and this picture.

November 22 Added bootleg page.

November 20 Added pictures from the October 26, 2002 in-store and November 11, 2002. Changed my AIM screenname.

November 10 Added screencaps from April 30, 1997, more pictures from August 17, 2002, pictures from October 25, 2002, and pictures from October 26, 2002.

November 7 Added 18 new pictures.

November 6 Fixed the State Songs in-store and Direct from Brooklyn (again!) screencaptures. Added "Au Contraire" live mp3.

October 15 Added a new picture and interview (thanks to Sylvan) and a nifty new counter from digits.com.

September 23 Added 21 new pictures. Also added CD-sized pictures of the front and back of the single and fixed the Direct from Brooklyn pictures.

September 17 Added pictures from the Dial-A-Song: An Anthology liner notes.

September 15 Added pictures from the DC webcast.

September 14 Added pictures from Boston, a bunch of Mundanes pictures (including improved scans of the single), and some other new pictures.

September 9 Added pictures from April 28, 2001. Also added pictures of the "4 of 2" clock and the bees from the "Purple Toupee" video and a whole bunch of computer pictures. Expanded the selection of pictures from the No! in-stores on July 28, 2002 and June 19, 2002. Created a page for pictures of equipment.

August 30, 2002 Decided to make an update page. Added pictures from July 26, 2002, August 15, 2002, and August 17, 2002. Also added a picture of John looking really young and hot, pictures from the "Don't Let's Start" and "They'll Need a Crane" video sites, screencaptures from the second to last Conan appearance, and a few other pictures.